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Could Cleo be Bombay?

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We fostered this kitty, and I reckon she's got Bombay in her, what do you think? I took more photos of the kids rather than her, but you can get a fairly good idea on how she looks. My neighbour ended up adopting her, and I was telling her how I thought she had Bombay in her (it's a real Bombay face I think), and I thought I would get some more expert opinions on this

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I've no idea?, but one thing i do know is she's stunning!!
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she's gorgeous, I love her fur!
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Somebody actually dumped her and the 5 kittens outside the shelter door can you believe?? She is an absolute sweetheart as well and was such a good mum. My neighbour came to see the kittens and fell in love with Cleo, so went in to the shelter once they'd all gone back and adopted her.

So I get to see Cleo regularly still, and can cat sit whenever my neighbour goes away which is nice!
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I'm not good with cat breeds, but I do know that she is very pretty! :
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She's just gorgeous............
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Nope but she sure is beautiful - here is the Bombay Breed Profile.

". The Bombay's head is rounded with a short muzzle, but there should not be a "pugged" or "snubbed" look

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I've done a bit of Googling for Bombays, and I find cats that look like the one you posted, and ones that look like Cleo (some pics here).

I'll just settle for her being gorgeous I guess....
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What a gorgeous gal! And she has the most stunning eyes! I'm not too good with pedigree breeds, but she is one amazing looking girl! Congrats on her adoption!!
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She is pure beauty!!
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Bombays look exactly like Burmese, only black, with very distinct copper eyes.

Regardless, there's just something impossibly beautiful about black cats, and she's certainly no exception.
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Very beautiful cat!
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