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cats not getting along....sigh

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i have my 3 babies...roger 2,george1 and sam almost 1 also a 4 yr old doggie...i introduced sam and george to roger about 5 mths ago. of course at first u have ur struggles and being roger is such a dominant tomcat it took him a good month to come around...well to come around to one of them lol!!! he adores sam (female)and plays nice with her not noticing her too much but eats with her and sleeps with her and usual stuff. once in a while he will growl at her but not with the intention of fighting, he is a very very vocal cat and his meow is much worse than his bite george and sam are buddies they love each other. roger can tolerate george in very small doses and for the most part he is always complaining to george if george is too close or if he isnt in the mood to even look at george!! roger will make a horrible screeching/complaiing sound and bite at georges ears but doesnt get into full on cat fights with him but he does make his dislike very known!!!we describe roger as a grumpy old man, even at 2! so i wondered why he disliked one but is ok with the other? is it because sams a female and the other 2 are boys? they are all fixed. george is also deaf and cant hear roger bitching at him so it can be quite funny at times as it appears george is more dominant to roger as he isnt been threatened by him. roger we believe has no clue he is deaf and thinks george must have nerves of steel!! but roger has been like this with only george since day 1.i just find it strange that 2 cats were introduced at the same time yet he cant stand one of them.p.s they all adore the dog!
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Neutered or not, they're both males, and are sort of automatically in competition. While our two started out as 'best friends' (an 11 yr old and a baby), now that Goblin's almost two, they're suddenly head to head because he's asserting his right to kick the 'old' guy around, yet sucks up to our male dog (who just seems vaguely amused/bemused by it all) pathetically! Your dog is not competition at all, so doesn't count, not being a cat. Sam will become a target as she gets older too (maybe not for years, of course) and that's just what cats do - it's not so much about who they are personally, but where they are in the pecking order.
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Buy some Feliway sprays and Plug in diffusers and that should help. Look on the package for how much area they cover and buy enough to cover every room the cats have access too.
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