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My 3 pretty kitties

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I'm new here - thought I'd share pictures of my cat family.

This one is 10-year-old Fidget:

This one is our 9-year-old calico named Widget (this picture was taken through a rainy door - doesn't do her justice):

And this is our newest cat - 7-month-old Savannah kitten named Cookie:
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What a bunch of cuties
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Welcome to TCS!! You have a very purrrty family!
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What gorgeous pictures of your fur kids
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What adorable dolls
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Wow, all of them are so striking! I hope widget was on the "dry" side of that window!?

I'm not that familiar with the Savannah breed but they definately look beautiful. Are they related to Ocicats?
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Ohhhh! I love your Savannah... and your others are sweet, too. I like the first one's face.

Anyway, my kitty (Ziggy below) is half Savannah, supposedly. My husband picked him up from a "free kittens" backyard breeder for our two year wedding anniversary. A month later, we get a call from the family because they had news. They kept the dad around because they though he "looked cool." The morons didn't know that you could have a lost cat scanned for a microchip at first, but eventually they got it done... and they called us when they found out his true identity. The father was a lost stud for a Savannah cattery! Cool, huh? Ziggy doesn't look very Savannah in his coat, but his physique is very Savannah.

BTW, Savannah are half or more Bengal or other domestic shorthair (I think they have to be a Bengal or a couple other breeds, though) and half or less African Serval. http://www.serval-cats.com/serval-cats-pictures.htm There's serval pics on that link... they're fairly big (bigger than the other cats used as hybrids) and they are sooo coool looking. They have BIG ears and looooooong legs.
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He looks more "Savannah" now that he's older... in that pic, he still looks kittenish. His momma had van coloring, so that's how he got white toes and stuff.
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