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please HELP!

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someone ditched two puppies on our new land well we were here. They are small breed mutts One looks like a terrier one is all fluffy very small starved ... couldnt put a penny on them without touching a tick. We cannot keep them And I need to rehome them by tomorrow! someone HELP! I bathed them fed them pulled each and every tick of them.Wormed them (they were bad!)
Left in the hot sun in a tire on our new lands lawn. The terrier one is a male fluffy one is a girl. Please help! Ill put picks in a few minutes .. Please some one help me. Id keep them but right now we just cant.
please pleas please help them.
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I sympathise - I recently had the same problem here with two dumped black puppies, also covered in ticks! Your two look so sweet, how can anyone do that! Is there a humane society or no-kill shelter that can help you in your area? Or even call a vet for ideas? I can only say I hope you sort them out, they deserve a life and a home.
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I am looking up the no kill shelters here. Small town.... I have puppies of my own to rehome ... And we are in the middle of a move.. or I would keep them...ppl are soooo cruel
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They are too cute, I don't think there will be a problem with someone adopting them. Good luck and let us know what happens!
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Aww-they are so cute!! I just do not understand ppl(probly never will) how can someone just dispose of an animal like that?? I wish you the very best in rehoming them. Please let us know!!
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Hehe... that last one looks like they're saying "thank you"!

I agree--they are extremely cute. They should be snapped up once they are placed in a no-kill shelter.
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If you do a google search for animal rescue (or dog rescue) in _______ your province, you should get quite a few listings of rescue organizations that can help you. Give them a call, they often have contacts or volunteers all over the area who might be able to help you. If you were near me I would get them into my rescue.
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