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we live on property and have our own and several ferral cats. we had 2 cats get pregnant and we've kept them inside until their kittens were 2 months old. we have an older cat and a nuetered ferral cat who belongs to our dog. the cat hates human contact, but loves and sleeps with the dog.
all of the cats got along fine. the nuetered male is so mellow never fighting with anyone. the females love the dog too. even letting the dog near her kittens. usually all of my animals get along great.
then the females saw the male cat and attacked him horribly. he doesn't even hiss. he just runs and they chase. the females go for blood. i took their kittens away a week ago so their milk can dry up and i can get them spayed. they're getting vicious with my other cats and i'm wondering if this will change when they get spayed. i figure even though the kittens aren't around right now, the moms have them in mind. i can't keep all of my cats seperated all of the time. any ideas?