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Throwing up

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This may sound dumb but do cat experience morning sickness?? One of my sisters cats we think is pregnant and she threw up twice today. She hasn't thrown up before (that we know--there are 4 other cats to lay the blame on ) ALso, she let out a weird sounding meow just before she threw up as a warning sign. Is that typical behavior? ANy thoughts on the matter are welcome...Thanx
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No, throwing up for a pregnant cat is not normal. Cats usually throw up for several reasons, hair ball, food allergy or they are sick. They can cry or make an awful noise just before the event. She needs to pay attention to who is doing this.

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I've actually heard that cats can experience morning sickness, but nothing like ours. From what I've read on the internet and in a few books, about 10 days into a pregnancy, they may be a little sick. Of course, I'm far from an expert. I'm still hoping that my little Muffy is having a false pregnancy or has gone out of season.

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When we were breeding Persians, I had several who did appear to be experiencing morning sickness. By about 14 days into the pregnancy it was gone. Our little furry friends are truly strange little creatures.
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