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Indoor cat vs bully outdoor cat

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Our very old neighbors have an outdoor cat that pretty much runs the neighborhood. Their cat has been roaming around in our yard since me moved in and we have never had any problems with it. However, now that our cat is big enough to jump up by the windows, the neighbor’s cat has begun charging, leaping, and trying to attach our cat (who is safely on the other side of the window). It seriously would be the funniest thing, if it wasn’t freaking out our cat. The neighbor’s cat literally is throwing its body up against our windows. It makes a huge "thud" and leaves muddy paw prints all up the side of our house.

I realize that this is no big deal since our cat is safe… but it has been going on for weeks now and every time it freaks our cat out. Am I being over protective?

I’ve tried to shoo the cat away, but really, it’s been around our yard much longer than even we have been and I can’t do any shooing while I’m at work. Any ideas on preventing a cat from entering our yard would be much appreciated.
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I would be inclined to purchase that reflective window covering so the outside cat only sees a shiny mirror, but your kitty can still look outside.
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Thank you so much for your reply... we will look into it... but since it is happening at three... you counted it ... three different windows, I don't know if we can make them all reflective.

Thanks again.
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Put up scary dog pix under the windows outside :-)?
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You could try spraying cat repellent on the outside walls of your house, particularly near the windows. I did this with some overly friendly (and spraying) neighbor cats and it worked... but you do have to reapply it almost daily.
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I also think I'd have a serious talk with your neighbors regarding their cat and how its affecting your cat and property. They shouldn't be letting their cat run loose in the neighborhood anyway.

I wonder how many other houses this bully is visiting?

Perhaps you can get a dog that will guard your property?
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