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traveling restrictions

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I'll be traveling by plane with my cats in a few weeks. They haven't ever been on a plane before and I haven't looked into that much yet. Anyway, I'm traveling from a relatively hot state (it will be 95+ every day until the end of July at least), to a relative cool state (about mid 70s throughout summer). Anyway my question is, I've heard there are weather restrictions on a lot of airlines, apparently they can't travel if its 85+ anywhere on the itinerary that day. I haven't bought my ticket yet so I don't know which I'll be traveling on. I'm not really sure if I can be able to wait to move until the weather cools down here, it might be awhile. I know it's cooler in the mornings, but I don't know if pets aren't allowed to travel *at all* that day, if it reaches 85+ sometime in the day.

I plan on calling the airline when I find out which one I'm traveling on, was just curious if anyone else had any idea about the specifics of the weather restriction thing though! Also anything else that I might need to know or do when traveling that would make the situation easier on them. Thanks
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I believe the restrictions are only for those pets traveling in the cargo area. There should be no problems with having the cat travel with you inside the plane and under your seat.

Double check with the airlines. Also you need a health certificate from your vet 10 days before flight - if you get it over 10 days old, you have to "renew" it, so adjust a vet visit accordingly.
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Also you need a health certificate from your vet 10 days before flight - if you get it over 10 days old, you have to "renew" it, so adjust a vet visit accordingly
Really? I've heard of some airlines requiring them, but not all. Or is that something the state requires?

Also I've got two cats and I'm pretty sure they only allow one cat on board per passenger, so one would end up having to go as cargo
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Your best info will come from the airlines. Yes there is a restriction regarding temperature and kitties travelling in cargo. If your kitties are not large and will both fit in a soft carrier under your seat, I don't think there would be a problem with taking both in the cabin with you - again, ask the airline.

Since you are flying domestic, i.e., within the US, you may not have the same restrictions on health certification, vaccinations, etc. In some states you need rabies shots so that's something to check out as well.

I had to get a health certificate and vaccinations for the little Siamese I shipped from Toronto, Canada to San Francisco, CA. The airlines (Air Canada) were wonderful and had great folks providing excellent information for me. I was relieved to see how the kitty was treated once I got her to the cargo area - they were awesome folks.

Your airline cargo people will have all the answers for you. Also if you go on-line to your carrier (i.e., American Airlines), you can go to their Cargo site and get tons of information.
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I took 2 cats (well cat/kitten) in one carrier. Only thing you have to be concerned about is that the cats have to be taken out of the carrier to be scanned (the carrier - not the cat). Which means you have to have a good hold of your cat so he doesn't get loose.

They never said I couldn't have both cats in the carrier. But I think you really are only allowed one. And I believe its 2 animals on board for each flight. So if you want to take them with you, book the pet quickly. It usually costs about $75 for the cat's ticket.
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