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Further update on kitty not drinking

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Continued saga of kitty who wouldn't drink.

Monday evening after seeing Vet I began to worry again since she was still not drinking. She would act like she wanted to drink but as soon as her lips touched the water she would walk away.

I was not real happy as I thought more about the vets suggestions, etc. I knew that if I took her back the plan was to just get lab work & not see a doctor. If I did insist on a Dr visit it would be someone other than the Monday one.

Four blocks from where we live is a vet who treats only cats & I had intended for some time to make contact with him when Mandy was not sick. SO I decided NOW's THE TIME. Called & got appointment for Tuesday PM.

He was beginning to think much along the lines of the first vet ie that there wasn't anything wrong with her. Had also never run into a cat who would not drink although eating normally.

Then took her temp which was 104.4 Said 'there's something goinn on her & we need to find out just what. Drew blood for chemistries & viral check, got urine for urinalysis & culture. Gave her an injection of a broad spectrum antibiotic. Said to come back this morning for follow-up.

We went in at 11:00 & urinalysis showed infection. Other labs were OK except slight anemia. Gave a prescription for oral antibiotic to be given 2X daily for 2 weeks. To bring her back couple days before prescription runs out. Wants to do another urinalysis to see if the urine has cleared up.

This morning she started drinking! At first she still seemed afraid to drink. She would paw by her cup but still wouldn't drink. I did something completely against all the principles of cat care.

While talking reassuringly to her I gently pushed her face down to the water. She licked it off her face, then put her paw in & licked that off.

Then she saw my 8 cup Pyrex measureing cup sitting on the counter. There was just a little water in it & she took a couple of drinks of that. About 5 minutes later I gave her water in a 2 cup Pyrex & she took a pretty good drink of that. Since then she has been drinking normally from that container.

Sorry this is so long but am wondering - could it be that it hurt when she peed & she somehow put it together that if she didn't drink she wouldn't have to pee & it wouldn't hurt?

She still doesn't want to drink from the containers she's been using ever since I got her. Maybe as she learns that it doesn't hurt to pee she will be willing to drink from those again.

Guess she was just trying to let me know something was wrong. Just another example that when you kitty shows unexplainable behavior it is probably time for a vet visit.

Betty & Mandy
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I'm so happy to hear that Mandy is doing better. I'm also glad you found a vet who took the time to find out what was bothing her. (Happy Dance!)

It wouldn't surprise me at all if she figured out that drinking=peeing=pain. Cats are a whole lot smarter than we give them credit for. Sometimes their logic goes a little too far, like water dish+drinking=peeing=pain. You may have to get her a new water dish, but that's OK if it makes the little one happy.
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I'm so happy that Mandy is making progress. I know how much you must have worried. Thank goodness for vets who really care!
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for your replies. And thanks to everyone for their good wishes & prayers for Mandy's recovery
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Wow Mandy is one smart cat!
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She is eating and DRINKING again. I thought her temp was down on Tuesday & she was eating up a storm but still not drinking. I was still forcing water on her though.
Wednesday back to vet for follow up. Her temp was normal & she had put on the bit of weight she had lost. So he advised to finish up her med and stop forcing the water & see if she would now drink on her own. Told me if I thought her temp came back up could bring her in Friday & he'd check it for me. She started drinking Wednesday evening & had her last med Thursday evening.

I think her temp has stayed down & she has been drinking normally & eating about as normal.

I guess she had stopped drinking because there was something wrong. We were just too dumb to realize there was a medical problem until she started running an elevated temp.

I think she tried to tell me Thursday that she was well again. (:>) For the first time through all this she even tried to bite at me! Not seriously, just sort of like 'leave me alone!'

Am so glad to see her apparently well again. You can bet though that if she ever again stops drinking completely I'll take her right away to the vet. He knows her now so we probably won't have to wait until she has fever to find out what her problem is.

Thanks to everyone for the support.

Betty & Mandy
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I am so glad to hear that Mandy is better.
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Good on Mandy: she's a resilient kitty who has a loving owner
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Yes Mandy is a resiliant & forgiving Kitty! Have been amazed at how well she tolerated all my fussing with her. When it was time to give her meds or water she didn't hide. She just sort of walked away for a bit but would let me approach her & pick her up. Then cried piteously before the treatment.

She has had diarrhea for several days now which we hope is from the antibiotics & will clear up. Vet told me today could try to get some Kaopectate down her or some acidopilus capsules. If this doesn't help will get a stool specimen.

For several days now have had to wash her long hair on her bottom a couple of times a day. The first time was a struggle but she seems to have accepted it now & doesn't object when I do it. I don't know why but she has never groomed her bottom.

Betty & Mancy
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