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Stumpy's home again after being spayed

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Bit of background for those who haven't read my previous posts.

Genevieve (aka Stumpy) was taken to the shelter I volunteer at about a month ago when found injured after being hit by a car. She suffered a broken pelvis, and broken tail which got amputated (hence the nickname...). We fostered her a week ago, and fell in love with her immediately.

On the weekend we took her back to the shelter to get worming shots as she had tapeworm. When she was there they said "uh-oh, she's pregnant", due to her round belly and large nipples. Due her injuries, they didn't want her having babies, so said to bring her back in Monday (yesterday), to get her spayed and the pregnancy terminated (due to happen today).

I was working at the shelter all day so got to keep checking on her which was nice!

Turns out there was a placenta, and her uterus was enlarged, so she was pregnant, but there was no babies So it seems that she was pregnant when she was hit by the car (probably not far along), but the trauma was most likely enough to cause the babies to be aborted. Poor little girl has had such a rough trot at only 10 months old

But now she's spayed, so she won't go through pregnancy again, and I'm hoping to adopt her and love her forever and have her as an inside cat so she will only get lots of love and attention for the rest of her life. We said we wouldn't have any permanent cats (only fosters), but she is just too gorgeous, and I think my hubby is coming around to the idea We've got her for another week, so hopefully that's enough time for her to completely settle herself into our lives

She's doing really well after her spay as well. She's had a bit to eat and drink, has had a big cuddle and purr, isn't too wobbly, and is currently playing with a toy. She's definitely a fighter this one!
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I asked mum if I could put these photos up to show other kitties how easy it is and she said yes! From Stumpy

See, this thing is easy, and my people are giving me soooo much attention!

And here's my belly, you'd hardly know anything was done, except for I have no hair, but mum assures me this will grow back soon. Lucky it's not winter - brrr!

And this is just me attacking the camera cord because that's so much fun!

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Stumpy is gorgeous! I'm so glad she let you post this pictures! We love pictures here!!!!
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What a little doll! I'm so glad you've found each other!
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I'm so glad your girl is home and healthy. It sounds like she really had a rough start. When I read her story, it reminded so much of my Carly. When we adopted her, I noticed that she didn't move her tail. It just hangs there limply. So we had the vet do some baseline x-rays and came to find that she had broken her rear leg at one point in her life. The vet believes that she didn't get any care for it; that it healed well by itself.

But she is the most loving affectionate cat we have.

It is hard to see, but her tail is just hanging there.

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The more spay incisions I see, the more I realize how terrible the first vet I went to was. Pudge's spay incision was a little over an inch and a half long. :|

Stumpy is a gorgeous cat, and it is clear to see that you are doing an excellent job with her.
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Yup, she is doing really well. She's a real lover Thanks for all the well wishes, she appreciates it!

And katachtig - sorry to hear about Carly, it's awful when you realise your baby hasn't had the attention they deserve in the past! It must be hard for her not to be able to put her tail straight up into the air in greeting when she sees you - at least Genevieve can wiggle her stump (which is so cute!), but at least Carly still has her beautiful tail to complement her gorgeous coat!
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Anyone who let a cat as beatiful as she is go is STUPID! WOW she is SO beautiful!
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