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Never say never

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I came home from work today and found both of my boys and the husband sleeping on our bed. Scratch looked up and me as to say "Mommy we want to take a nap, can you shut the door please!" How is that for a man who said that he would never have a cat?

I also found his secret treat supply for the cats the other day. I don't think that he wants me to know that he loves them as much as I do.
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It is fun when you catch your husband with a cat he supposedly doesn't like much!
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Haha my boyfriend did the same kind of things when we first started dating...he wasn't crazy about cats (never grew up around them), and i had multiple cats, fostered kittens for a rescue agency, and volunteered most of my free time to help kitties ---hehe needless to say, he loves my kitties now and tries to sneak Jasmine (his favorite) home with him lol. He even brings over toys for them to play with when he comes to my house, it's too funny.
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It always amazes me how cats can just come into people's lives and just totally turn them into cat lovers. I never had a cat growing up but was adopted by one during college. Now I can't imagine not having one.
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My father was totally against me getting a cat til I moved out on my own. Well somehow I convinced him to let me have one. I'ts funny to see him love the kitty so much as well. He even met me at the vets office to see how he was...and he hadn't even been seen by the vet yet! LOL
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They are all softies at heart nomatter what they say!!
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Ha! That's adorable! My husband isn't thrilled over having these three girls, and they're not overly fond of him, but sometimes they manage to melt each other.
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"Cat hating" must be a requirement of manhood, like locker room banter! My husband wasn't thrilled about taking Ruby in and now I find him in there with her and the babies about 3 times a day. He checks on them every morning before I wake up just in case one passes during the night. He knows I couldn't handle seeing one of my babies dead.
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