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do your cats like to sleep on your clothes?

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during the daytime, one of my cats usually sleeps on my bed ... but if we have clothes laying around either on the bed or on the floor, he usually sleeps on top of or near that. i wonder if it's because they like the smell of their humans anybody else's kitten have this interesting quirk?
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Bit and Scratch will jump into the dirty laundry will jump into the dirty clothes and sleep. Take this as a complement. They like your smell.
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they feel safe if they can smell you welcome to your new children.. look after them they will be there for you too just try to remember when they are
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My cat would rather sleep on my dirty clothes than on the bed with me. LOL
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I came home this evening and found Zakk resting on a pile of shoes. His head my practically in my sneaker. Sometimes he naps in the hamper, and I have some t-shirts in a basket under my bed where I was keeping them for the winter that I had too wash due to some suspicous orange fuzz all over them.
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Scratch always sleeps on my clothes.. and my computer monitor.. and whatever I'm trying to read at the time.
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My late cat Fief would sleep on a pile of dirty laundry if I left it on the floor long enough.

My cat Nikita likes to sleep on WET sweaters or jeans that are laid out to dry!
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Out of our three only Reba does this... it's always on the clean clothes She gets mad when I have to do another load of laundry and put the folded clothes where she is... but as soon as I'm done she's RIGHT BACK into position... it's just ODD. (She also sleeps on my printer when I'm at the computer. That way she can keep an eye on me )
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