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I just went in to check on the kittens and snap some photos and I noticed a smear of bright red blood on the blanket. I checked all the babies out, they are fine. But there was some more blood on the floor. I wiped kitty's vulva with a white tissue and there was no blood on it, but I suspect it was some sort of discharge on the floor because it was thick. I checked the rest of her body, no blood.

Is is normal for cats to lose "clots" in the days following labor like a human would? Does she need the vet? Help!
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Female cats will bleed for a week or two after giving birth. I found out the hard way, on my light carpet
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Thanks! I was staring to panic.
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So did I the first time. This time I have my little carpet cleaner handy. I called the emergency clinic when Adina was bleeding and they said just like humans, they will bleed a little for a week or so. Adina bled for a couple of days, just a little. She would leave little blood spots where ever she sat.
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Same here Skittles had a little....
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