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Interesting Home Remedy

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I recently dyed my hair and the next day it had hints of green in it!! I was desperate, and would try anything. So I heard that putting ketchup in your hair and leaving on for about 20 minutes with a plastic bag or saran wrap over top of it, would take the green out. As crazy as it may sound, I thought, why not? So today I tried it, and it really does work. My hair may have a bit of a ketchupy smell, but no more green!!!!
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I wonder what in the ketchup makes that work? Maybe the vinegar or the tomato or the red dye?
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If that ever happens again, would you please post a picture... I just want to make sure that it goes with the image in my head.....

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I wanna see the green-haired lady, too! Actually, I want to see the green-haired lady, with ketchup on her hair!
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I had a really good image of you with ketchup on your hair as well.. :LOL:
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Thank-you for the green hair post.

I've just sat here and laughed and laughed, remembering my (now deceased) mother and her various hues of hair. She had gone quite grey and decided to go "lighter" rather than her normal dark brown dye. On went the dye and then the phone rang - an hour later she finally got her sister off the phone and went to rinse. She was bright orange - think Ronald McDonald. The neighbours must of wondered what was going on with all the laughter.

The brave soul went to work the next day at Woolworths with the halo of orange hair (no hiding in the storeroom for her) reveling in the comments from the customers and co-workers. But she did bring home some brown hair dye.......

On went the brown, everything looking good, and then she dried her hair - it had gone purple

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Oh my gosh! That poor woman! She must have been so embarrased!
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You would think so, but she was a bit of a "character", i.e. mad, and had seen too much life to have shame over how she looked.

I hope I get more like her as I get older.

I feel the need for a new thread on embarrassing parents.......
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lol I guess I really shouldn't laugh since I had my own hair coloring troubles too but you always run into some kind of mishap when you do it yourself.

I dye my hair black and the first time I dyed my hair I didn't know to put a little vaseline on my hairline and the top of my ears. So I followed the directions but it got a little messy with the dye dripping down my forehead and my ears...... Weeeeell I figured it would wash right off once I rinsed the dye out. Ok you can call me naive now but I learned my lesson once I washed all the dye out and my forehead and ears stayed blue!!

AND the brand I used that time supplied you with really cheap plastic gloves and when you moved your thumb the crease split and I got dye on my hands so they were blue for a while too.
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Thank-you for also bringing that thought into my head...... first time I dyed by hair black, I asked a friend to come round and help. She arrived with a bottle of wine, as we were off to a party later that evening. Had a few glasses of vino collapso, did the dying - and yes, forgot the vaseline. I couldn't go to the party with black all over my forehead! But, hey wouldn't it be a good idea to shave my face?

I spent the whole party having strangers coming up and stroking my face and laughing. Got a new boyfiend though.
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Whew!! Now I don't feel as bad. I thought I was the only one.
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I spent last weekend, fighting with mine. I was tired of being blond and my roots were growing out. I had some red dye, that I bought months ago. It came out all streaky and blotchy. No more Revlon hair color, for me. I went and got some hair color remover. This left me with yellow, orange and red hair. I covered that with dark auburn. Doesn't look too bad, now. Next week, though, I think I'm going to put in some blond streaks. I never should have changed from L'Oreal!:afrorainb
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