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Kittens eyes

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At what age does a kittens eyes start to open?
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Around 10 days
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Some of my rex kittens were opening their eyes at 5 days old. It varies from kitten to kitten, but all should have their eyes open by about 14 days old.
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Thank You.....
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Yea all mine are open now, they are soooo cute!
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All of Skittles babies where open at 5 days...
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Yeah, my kitties eyes were open around 5-6 days!
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I am so excited....I can't wait....
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Kitten's eyes can open anywhere from 5 to 14 days.
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Well they are 5 days today and no eye opening yet.
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My bottle babies eyes opend around 4 days old and it was a little creepy. Poor Buddy's eyes didn't open until she was almost 17 days old
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My kitten Garfield, from last year's litter, eyes opened at 3 days. Actually her right eye was the only one open. Hey I am curious, if one of the kitten's eyes are open at 3 to 5 days, can they see? Penguine's eyes opened at 6 days.
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