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The two sides of Claire

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My Claire has two distinct sides to her personality.

She can be so ladylike and strike the perfect, lovely pose:

She also knows how to relax:
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I love it when their chilling out like the 2nd picture Eileen
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Claire looks so incredibly relaxed in the second picture! You just wouldn't imagine her to be the elegant beauty in the first!
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Both sides of Claire are beautiful
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She is so prettty!! I love it when they sprawl out like that.....
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I love the "belly up" photos.
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Claire, you're such a beautiful girl. I just want to smooch that adorable belly of yours.
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Lol, well, even the most dignified have to let loose sometime!! Great shots of her though!!
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Let it all hang out Claire!!
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Oh My Claire! looks so wonderful and lovely!
I can to see that you to grew up so wonderful!!!...

Milky to send you a big kiss!.........................
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She's so pretty Eileen...both sides of her!
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Thanks, everyone! I have to admit, the second picture is more like the "real" Claire. She never hesitates to "let it all hang out!"
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lol, too cute! My cat Isabella does that too, but she's careful not to let her mommy catch her on camera when she's not acting like the usual princess she is lol
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It is definitely tummy kissing time.

Claire you are a sweetie pie.
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