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So whats everybody up been to lately?

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hello cat people,

Just thought i would see whats been going on with my long lost friends siance i don't post to much anymore I haven't for got about anyone and i do hope evryone is doing fine out there

As for me be very busy at work flipping Omlets for the golfers as you know some of you im still going through with the divorse But im very happy in life guess it took getting out of my marriage to find out who i am and what life as to offer Today im going down town to put a down payment on my home and moving in about 5 weeks and i will be able to get ( Gabby ) back my poodle who i had to leave behind with my ex for the time being cause i was only able to have my cats at my apartment i cant wait to see her ive really missed gabby that was my fathers dog who mean't the world to him so im sure when hes looking down here on earth he'll know i have Gabby back I wish i could have jake and Bonkers back but i dont want to hurt my ex anymore then i half to.
So guys and gals thats the lastest news with me so whats going on in your life?

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It's good to know you are coming out of everything the right way up! And I hope you and Gabby plus cats have a great time with your new home. I am just about to change my life - retirement is only four weeks away and I shall be leaving Bosnia at last for my new home in France, with the cats. Very exciting!
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Well, we just celebrated our second-month anniversary.

Hopefully you'll get all of your pets back.
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I've been quite busy at my landscaping business. Lots of aches, pains, strains, sunburn. But on the other hand its so nice to hear clients enjoy what I have done for them. Most jobs haven't been real elaborate, but as my past job of 20 yrs was lacking in compliments on my job performance its just good to hear them now!! Have lots of projects going on at home too!!
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Just work!! We hung hummingbird feeders outside Phenoms favorite window on Sunday and already have hummers!! YAY!! Now she has more birds to drive her crazy!!
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I've been trying to find a small summer job somewhere so I can go to PA soon.. but I'm not having any luck so far..
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