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Tribute to Chandler

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My sister's cat Chandler passed away yesterday, he was 9 years old. He was found below his favorite sleeping chair, so we hope and pray that he passed in his sleep. Chandler was a big, lovable orange tabby, always ready for a scritch on the head, and good brushing from anyone who came in the door. He kept his little sister Joey firmly in line and she followed him everywhere (the poor girl is inconsolable right now). He spent his last day lounging on the deck in the sun and napping on his favorite chair.

RIP Chandler, we loved you and will miss you very much.
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I'm so incredibly sorry you lost this wonderful little boy. Chandler will still be keeping a close eye on his little sister from Heaven. Chandler, you're so loved, and will be missed terribly. Big hugs and prayers for Joey and the rest of the family.
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Sorry to hear about Chandler's passing. He sounds like he was a wonderful cat.
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Bless his little heart I hope your sister finds comfort in knowing that Chandler is now well over Rainbow Bridge with all the other TCS kitties
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Thank you everyone for your kind words. This has been a tough time, much tougher for me then i expected. Chandler was sort of my surrogate cat when i couldn't have cats. I'm not sure I can handle going over to my sister's house without him there, but I want to go over to be with my sister and Joey. Joey is still upset, and won't leave my sister's side for any reason. My oldest nephew (20 months old) has started looking for Chandler too to play with him...he doesn't understand.

All I want to do is go home and cuddle my two.

Chandler, keep an eye on your meowmy and sister, they are missing you terrible and can always use an angel to watch over them.
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