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New Cat?

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HI everyone my girlfriend and I recently moved into a new apartment, and have a 1 year old male cat. We are considering getting him a playmate since he's lonely. Does anyone have any suggestions about what kind of cat we should get? Male or Female? We are hoping to get a kitten as well. How do we introduce them so they get along well? HELP! Please!
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As long as they are both spayed and neutered it really doesn't make much difference which sex you get. It all depends on the individual cat. People may tell you one sex gets along better then the other but it all comes down to the cats personality.

As for introductions, please do a search on here. There are certain ways of going about introducing two cats so please follow the steps carefully and do not rush it. Remember hissing and growling and spitting and even swatting and "fighting" are okay as long as no blood is being drawn. They will have to establish who is alpha cat amongst themselves.

There are a LOT of pages on this site that explain how to introduce so look it up and welcome to TCS!
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We also have a 1 year old male, and we are getting him a playmate in a month!

I've learned from people here on this site, that gender really shouldn't matter - its the personality that counts more. You want to pick out a cat that will get along with the personality of the cat you have now.

Good luck!
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