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Limping Cat

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Hi, I just joined this site to ask a question.

I have a 9 year old male Tuxedo cat. Good health.

On Sunday, I noticed him limping on his front paw. So I got him down and looked him all over, moved his legs and felt on his paws, legs and shoulders.
He doesn't seem to have any pain at all. He'd let me know if he were hurting with a nip, a screech or a yowl that kind of thing. No knots or strange bulges or sore places, it would seem. He’s not lethargic, or at least no more lazy than usual, no throwing up or anything like that. No symptoms of being sick at all.

We just moved to a new house 2 months ago, with stairs. He has never had stairs before. So for the first week or so he was a bit sore going up and down them. But he soon got over that. So when I saw him limping I thought he might have injured himself on the stairs. It would seam not though, since he doesn't seem in pain at all.

He is eating same as always, using the litter box same as always, all that. He comes to greet me when I get home. Gets up and meows when I have food and rubs up wanting petted. In fact, he seems perfectly fine, except for this limp.

I am taking him to the vet tomorrow on my day off. But I was wondering if any of you had an idea what the heck is wrong with him.
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Welcome to TCS!

I'm pleased to hear that you're taking your kitty to the vets! It is the best thing to do as they will be able to give you the propper advice and diagnosis!

I do not know what it might be as there are numerous possibilities, but I'm sending good }}}VIBES{{{ to you both for your appointment!

Please be sure to let us know how things go!
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Hello Sar,

Thank you so much for the welcome.

Yeah, hope I can get an appointment. It seems they are booked and since he doesn't seem to be in any pain, it isn't a emergency.

The vet we used to visit is a very very long way away now that we have moved. So this is a new one. I hope I can get him in soon.

Thanks for the vibes.

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Maybe if you were to call them and explain your concern, they might be able to squeeze him in? (I have done this before, even though it turned out that my cat was fine! )

Cats are know for hiding pain, so even though there are no external signs, that you might get normally, he could be hurting!

I really hope you get to see the vet quickly and that everything is well!
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i had the exact same problem last week with one of my cats, i took her to the vets and they found a small scab on her front leg, she had been bitten by another cat, cat bites can be serious as they almost always cause infection, also does your cat look down in anyway?
all the vet did was tell me to keep her cool as she had a temperature and injected her with some antibiotics and gave me a ten day prescription of tablets to give her ( oh the joy) lol
shes a lot better now so maybe that helps
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Hi Tiggeroo.

Thanks for the reply.

As far as Marbles looking down, I can't say I have noticed. I don't think so though.

A cat bite is out unless he did it himself. He is an only cat and he is a total indoor cat. Though, he may have been bitten by a bug or something. I'll look him all over again tonight and check for the looking down when he walks.
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Since this isn't likely a cat bite wound with him being inside only, my first thoughts are that he may have been stung by an insect or perhaps cut his little paw causing an infection that's making it painful for him to put pressure on it. You're Vet will examine it closely, and if this is the case, he may be given a round of antibiotics. If it has abscessed, it may need draining. Feel better soon, Marbles!
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Hello all,

An update on Marbles the limping cat:

After FINALLY getting him an appointment to see a vet, (Apparently there was some kind of RUN on appointments all around? Summer shots and injuries I guess. I called like 15 places, I swear.) x ray shows no broken bones or dislocations. The new vet, a very nice young lady, says she is about 99% sure it is a tendon pull or strain and there's nothing we can do about it except TRY to limit his movements for a few days until the drugs start to work. And it'll just have to heal itself. So he is on anti-inflamatorys/pain killers.

Thanks so much for all your advice.
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Glad to hear Marbles is a-ok!
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I'm pleased to hear that Marbles is okay!

Sending many healing }}}VIBES{{{ for a speedy recovery!
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Great job getting Marbles in to see the Dr! Have a little rest, Marbles, and no more bounding up and down stairs for a few days. Sure hope you're back on all fours really soon!
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