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Bloody Poo

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Hello all,

I have a concerning situation. When I came back this weekend, the litter box needed to be cleaned (B won't touch it). When I was cleaning it I came across some poo that had some blood at the tip of it.

The next night there was another poo that was coated with blood.

I know I need to narrow down which of the 4 cats it is with the issue so we can take her/him to the vet (none are acting sick or seem more fatigued than usual). However, when we lock them in rooms, they have a slight problem...uh...performing. They get stressed out being behind doors.

Is there another solution for this to help narrow it down? I'm swamped the next two days to sit outside the two litter boxes, and B says he'll vomit if he cleans the LB. Any other ideas?
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Geez, it's just waste to clean up not a big deal. With four cats unless you separate them you won't find out who is ill. Blood in poo can be parasites, cociddia, giardia, bowel obstruction, diet....there are many reasons for blood but generally it is parasite related. Even indoor cats can have fleas if not flea-treated regularly and fleas leads to tapes. If mice are in your home, mice carry fleas, fleas carry tapes.
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what about locking 3 of the cats up and leaving one out so at least ONE will go. then check, then swap etc.........
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I'll try the swapping thing...or maybe pairing them up to see which 2 of 2.

There were some bugs (spiders/beetles/ants) that Luna and Whitey would "play" with, but I never saw them eat one...but that doesn't mean they didn't.

I know...it's just poo...I've been cleaning animal waste since I had my first hamster at age 8. It's not the best thing to look forward too, but it's necessary to do.
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Good news is that I found the cat...just by pure accident though. We had planned to divide the cats by 2 and eleminate that way, but by sheer luck Luna pooped and out came the bloody poop.

Poor girl...even the tech were astonished at how much blood was in it! So now I'm just waiting the hear back on whether its a parasite or if I need to bring her in.

Thanks again!
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I'm glad you found out which cat had the problem. Hopefully you'll get it cleared up quickly, and the other 3 won't get it, too.
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OH glad you found which one! GL and let us know what they find out!
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Poor kitty, hope it gets better! Keep us posted!
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Well I called last night and no parasites were found in the poo. I'm taking her in on Monday to find out if its anything further.

B was wondering if cats can have ulcers. She was really stressed when we brought in Whitey but I thought by now it was just down to her having the attitude "I don't like you...period". Maybe she's still really stressed???
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