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The End Of The Internet!

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The End Of The Internet

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Oh my goodness I have finally looked at everything there is to look at!!
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That is funny!
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That scared me there
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I used to read books........until I found TCS!!!!
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Quick! Everyone make a new thread!
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k, now I've seen everything!
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Ha! Does this mean I have to go get a life?
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Thats funny!
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What will I even do now?
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That's cute. I found this once while being bored.

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I wonder where the beginning is...
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After reading that, I went off and conducted an experiment....then I came back to see what is on internet.....and I found a dumpster diving forum

There are forums about everything!!!! WOW.
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Originally Posted by Nerelda
Lol, that's great, thanks!
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I was like, OMG is this serious lol.

I like that. Thanks for the chuckle.
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Book? Don't they come on CD-Rom now?
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lol this is too funny.
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That's so funny!

We've now found the beginning, the end and something in between!
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Sarah, this is for you!

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