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Tuesday 13th June Daily Thread

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Morning all! Hope everybody is good today
Its lovely and sunny in Dundee, I'm actually wearing my new shorts to work! They are really nice and look smart so I thought why not! Only thing is our office AC is always blasting so it's freezing inside, should have thought about that when I got dressed...
Have a great day everybody!
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Morning! It's gorgeous here as well and i've got my sparkly flip flops on. It feels strange wearing them for work though because i usually just wear them on weekends or when i'm on holiday.
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Lovely day here too, when the sun comes out on this side im going to put my self on the balcony! and hopefully tan!
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It's 19C here today, but a little overcast - hopefully the sun will pop out later!

Not long back from the vets and the kitties and I are just enjoying our morning snack!

Have a great day everyone!
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Morning all... it's 52F and it's looking to be a nice day here. My husband just got home so I get to go have breakfast! Pet your furbabies for me.
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lovely and sunny here.
Happy day my siamese gizmo has been wearing a vet coller to stop him scraching a sore neck. its finally healed up and he is free again! phew it was getting us all down.
I am pottering about doing house work (not much) having a bath napping reading. lovely day
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Good Morning!! Supposed to be hot and humid today with the occasional thundershower. I feel so much better today. Took a hot bath when I got home and then laid around with the heating gpad attatched to my tummy! Its going to be a busy day around here again!!
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Its a sunny 17c here (but it still early, is supposed to be about 22-23c today) and I have a government audit at work this morning so am not going to get to see the sun at all
Wish me luck
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Good morning everyone!!

Not too much to report today...I'm working all day and then I head back home tonight

Have a great day!
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Good morning everyone!

Another beautiful day here in MN - its 59* right now, nice and cool

Last night John & I went to visit the kittens (pics in Fur Pages!) and a motorcyle ride, it was gorgeous outside, absolutely beautiful! We stopped @ his moms, and went to get back on the bike and it wouldn't start Not sure whats wrong with it (which shouldn't be anything - its a brand new bike - only a year old!) so we decided to walk the 5 mile walk back thru town back home. It was so nice outside and definately a good way to catch up and spend some much needed quality time together

Tonite.... I'll be cleaning! Probably to the YMCA and then home to clean and watch Real World!

Have a great day everyone!
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Good Morning Everyone!

Today is beautiful! The only thing I have on my agenda for this evening is laundry! Yay! My SIL is seeing the Dr today to see if her embryo attached to her uterus.... Hopefully all will be well!

Have a great day!!!
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Apparently there's a black bear cub rampaging around our neighbourhood. I heard our garbage cans being knocked over this morning but figured it was just Rocky, our resident 'coon. But it could be the cub ... poor baby. The mother might be close so it's being advised not to let cats out. I hope they find the momma bear soon and release it into the wild far away from here.
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Crummy day here. Gorgeous outside 85 F, sunny, etc. My baby girl, Coco, is having exploratory surgery today. It will probably be midnight before I find out the results of the surgery... I have to wait in suspense all day.
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It's a beautiful day here today. Hubby and I ordered German chocolate cake to celebrate our 2-month anniversary.

It seems like we had been married yesterday!!!
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Well I'm out of the shower and enjoyed a beer already!!! Finished the sidewalk edging it was so dusty!!! Now to spread 6 yds of harwood bark mulch tomorrow morning as I forgot my silage fork today (oops). Migh work in my gardens for a bit later but my strained pectoral muscle is painful right now so I'm resting it!!
Sunny today maybe some rain later-its pretty dry so we could use some!!
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Good Afternoon everyone

I hope all is well with all of you today. As you may already know, I am very sore today so my day has been very painful to say the least.

Not much else going on with me...Brandi, I'm glad you're feeling better today
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Today it was hot, by European standards. 31° C. I was lazy - stayed in bed far longer than I should have, and read while cuddling with Jamie. I did pick, clean, and freeze several pounds of strawberries, do a load of wash, and clean my windows/balcony doors. I actually watched some soccer games on TV today, too. Tomorrow is going to be busy. I have a court appointment in the morning, and another at the dentist's in the afternoon. School starts back up on Monday, so I have to correct some tests and prepare some lessons. Final exams begin in two weeks, so I'm going to be busy.
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Sweltering today. I'm not going outside unless it is absolutely necessary. lol
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