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Dog Boarding

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This place is SO cool!

We are going out of town this weekend - a mini vacation with our kids to Seattle.

Anyway, this is the first time we've ever had a dog that needed boarding. We weren't quite comfortable having someone we didn't know in our home, and unfortunately, none of our friends really 'love' animals.

We went this morning to check out this place to have Ed boarded. It's so awesome. The people have a shop that they have turned into a mini house inside. You walk in and it's laminate flooring that looks like real wood floors, they have a huge TV, couches, chairs, a recliner, then in another corner, they have a dresser and a bed! All of this is just for the dogs. There is a full time "nanny" there with the dogs from 6 am to 9 pm just to love and play wiht the dogs. The only time the dogs are all crated is at night - the rest of the time they are free to run around as they like. They have two pretty nice size yards that are totally enclosed (fenced) and doggy doors that lead to each one. They also have a separate area (mini living room) for smaller, older or timid dogs, also with a TV and radio and separate yard.

We walked in there this morning and there was only one dog there, but the place was spotless, didn't smell like "dog" at all, the two women were so nice, they even have a lake where they will walk your dog if you want (for an extra fee of course).

I'm sure we will all be able to relax and have a better time knowing Ed is in capable hands and not in a small cage the whole time.

Who knows... his lodging might be better than ours!
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isn't it amazing what they have for boarding anymore?? gone are the concrete floors surrounded by chain-link fence... and you just might be right about Ed's lodging being better than yours! There's a couple doggie day-spas around here- crazy!
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That's amazing! I have boarded dogs at a similiar doggy camp...They do make you feel good about leaving your pup with them.
Have a great vacay!
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Thanks for all the wonderful and useful information.Also I would like to suggest that if you are looking for some really nice kennel and daycare service for your pet then just check out the links given below.

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