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Suzie, the timid kitty is making strides!

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I'm very happy so I thought I'd post this and share. As some of you may remember, last fall I took in two kitties that that were living outside my coworkers condo. They were seeking shelter under some hollow steps. I brought them to the vet, and was told they were about 12-13 weeks old, and they were relatively healthy aside from worms and fleas.
Cookie, the boy is a little more skittish than my other two kitties, but isn't afraid of humans. Suzie is afraid of humans, most of the time. The first few weeks she spent hiding behind the computer desk if we were in here, and was very hissy. She is willing to play with dangly toys, but she always lets the other cats take the lead. She will stay in the same room as you as long as you don't make any sudden moves.
So they are now about 10 or 11 mos old now, and I have been trying to lure her out with treats (usually junk cat food). The other cats bound out and try to take it right from my hand, she stays in the back ground mewing. I have tossed her a few to tempt her and she will actually get up close and swat at my fingers till I drop a treat.
So lately I have been giving treats while sitting on my couch, and she has been jumping right up on the ottoman, no more than two feet away, staring at me! I can't believe it! She has also jumped up on the bed while I was trying to sleep. Do you all think she will make some more progress.. I had almost given up!
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changing them is soooo hard. keep up the good work.

i picked up a 4 month old black kitty from petsmart. She would not come out from under the bed accept to eat and use the cat box for 2 weeks.

After that she would stay half in the hallway and half in the computer room.
then when ever you get up she would run back under the bed. after a month or so she would sleep in the extra chair, but still would run away. i would say it took about 3 or 4 months until she would let me touch her.

Then she spent some time of when ever she would wake up she would want to get in my lap. lol now she follows me from room to room,yells at me when i get home from work(and i mean yells). AFter i put her out of the bed room a couple of times for waking me up, she now stays in bed until i get up.

she must have had a bad start to life. She no longer runs from other people but will stay just out of there reach. Once when i let her outside in a screened in area and closed the door she went crazy trying to get back in. All the hair on her back and tail stood up. My father let her back in and she ran to me crying like she had been hurt, jumped up in my lap and stayed there for about 5 min and just kept crying,( now she will only go out there if i go with her)

I keep hoping she will come around and be better with other people, but if not oh well she is my kitty anyway
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