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Ringworm? HELP!

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I think I might have ringworm. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow to find out and I bought some OTC cream tonight to put on it. It's just a small spot.

What is the likelihood that I didn't get this from my kitty but from some other source? We were at the vet Saturday (before it occured to me that there was something wrong with me) and Cosmo got a clean bill of health. He appears to be a happy, healthy 8-month old. Will he get it from me? UGHH
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Have you had the kitten for a while or is he new to your home? If he's new, I'd suggest you may have gotten it from Cosmo. A dog or cat can transmit Ringworm to a person without showing any symptoms at all - they are merely carriers of it. Here's a good site re ringworm and cats http://www.lbah.com/ringworm.htm

However, if Cosmo's been with you for a while and you've never had ringworm before this, you may have contracted it elsewhere, as fungi are everywhere in the environment (even in soil). You can catch the fungus from tanning beds, the gym, etc. Here's a good site re ringworm and humans http://www.dhpe.org/infect/ringworm.html

A word of advice concerning treating your ringworm - I know someone who tried clotrimazole when their daughter had ringworm on her arm, but after almost 2 months of treatment, she was still infected. They then tried Sporactin and the ringworm cleared in 5 days. Here's the website www.dermatechrx.com

By the way, you should search within this forum as there are some very good ideas/comments about ringworm. And, yes, you can pass ringworm along to Cosmo.
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