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Easing URI symptoms

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Hey all, i've been reading the threads on URI's and here's the story. I have 3 fosters just returned from being up for adoption (2 week stint at petsmart). One is showing strong signs of URI, (stuffed up nose, runny eyes, no appetite). I've started them on antibiotics, but I'm trying to help ease some of the symptoms he has now. I just put him in the bathroom filled with steam and that seemed to help a bit (ran out of hot water). Is there anything else I can do to ease his symptoms enough for him to eat and for the antibiotics to start working? Or is steam bathing him even a good idea???

Please help...he's got me worried, and the other two have already started showing the beginning signs of the URI too. I'm guessing it was probably running rampant through the petsmart.
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Sounds like you're being a great meowmy! If you don't already, make sure to clean out the food and water dishes daily (and any other surfaces you see them sneezing on)- if they're sneezing in them, it only encourages the problem.

As you likely know, if he doesn't have much of an appetite, you'll want to make his food really smelly. The stronger the odor, the more attractive it is to cats. Wet food is best.

Chances are good it *was* running rampant through the Petsmart- it's highly contagious, especially when animals are stressed. Once one cat in a household/environment gets one, it's highly likely the other(s) will get it, too... just like "people colds."

You'll want to check with your vet about this, but I crush up an l-lysine tablet in Lilly's wet food every day to help prevent her from having flare ups of her URI's. It's a natural supplement that studies have shown help some cats have fewer/less severe URI's.

Good luck!
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Great ideas. You can buy lysine in a capsule that has powder.. I find it very easy to mix up in wet food. Definitely call your vet and ask if lysine would help. Capsules are usually found it health food or vitamin stores. I personally frequent vitamin world for mine.
Steam treatments are great. Close all the doors and sit in their with kitty as long as you can stand it. I used to hold Rocky up to the steam.. Not under the water but as close as I could. (he's pretty good about being held). Also make sure kitties are comfortable and not stressed.
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I have never been able to find l-lysine in a capsule form, although I've searched many stores! I'm jealous!

I invested in a $5 pill crusher, which works wonderfully. I was able to find l-lysine tablets at CostCo- a bottle of 400 for around $10. Much cheaper than a trip to the vet & meds for URI!
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Thanks everyone. I'll have to remember to ask about the l-lysine. Definitely something to keep on hand. I've tried all the smelliest foods i can for Albert but no dice. The only thing i got him to eat was a few temptations....it seems that anything he has to chew for too long is no good...he's so stuffed up he's only breathing through his mouth. I'll try the steam treatment again in the morning, and hope that his sister, and the third foster kitty can fight it off.

Between the fosters with URI, and my own guy with a UTI....i think i'm beginning to go a little crazy. The idea of supplements to prevent these things from happening again sounds great. I just started my guy (UTI) on a cranberry supplement which should help cure this bout, and hopefully prevent them in the future.

Thanks everyone, you are lifesavers for me!
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If you can confine him in a room, you could set up a vaporizer and let it run continuously.

Try warming up some wet food just a touch to get the coolness off. This will intensify the smell. If all else fails, try some chicken baby food with NO onion or garlic.

When Hannah was so sick with an URI, my vet told me to get some Vicks Vapor Rub and put just a small dab on the top of her nose. (We used baby Vicks and it seemed to help.)

Go to the health food store and get some Eucalyptus oil. Put a few drops on an old wash cloth and lay it near where your kitty is sleeping, but not where s/he can get to it. I also would put a wash cloth with Eucalyptus oil on the vaporizer near where the steam came out so that the scent would help Hannah.

Make sure he's eating something and drinking water. If he's not eating, you can get appetite stimulants from your vet.

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Thanks Stephanie. I don't have a vaporizer and wasn't sure if I could use Vick's on the cat, so I didn't risk it. He got another steam bath this morning and ate a few pieces of dry food that I saw. He's staying with the other fosters since i'm pretty sure they all have it to some degree...and they seem to be getting alot of comfort from being together. I will pick up some baby vick's tonight, always a good thing to have on hand.
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Originally Posted by CurlyQ629
I have never been able to find l-lysine in a capsule form, although I've searched many stores! I'm jealous!

I invested in a $5 pill crusher, which works wonderfully. I was able to find l-lysine tablets at CostCo- a bottle of 400 for around $10. Much cheaper than a trip to the vet & meds for URI!
The Vitamin Shoppe has it in capsule form....they have a website and they are $15.40 for 300 of them.

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How much l-lysine do you give? (i.e. amount/body weight??)
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I give 500 mg per cat/day split in two feedings. If you do a search on the site you may find some other reccomendations.

I find my lysine capsules at vitamin world. I've seen quite a few shops here in New England, all of them are in malls. They have a frequent buyer club card and decent prices.
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Thanks so much for that. I'm going to check that out. We actually have a supplement warehouse in town (that i just discovered) that i might check out.

Thanks to everyone for your tips and advice. Albert seems to be feeling better and is definitely perkier. He still looks like he's sick...but he's clearing the congestion out of his nose and is more anxious to play. I'm not sure i should send him up to be adopted this weekend again...I would just propogate this illness????? Any ideas on how long he would be contagious? And would the stress just cause him to relapse?
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