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Is Ice playing with your other kittys now? Angel used to sleep basically non stop or eat or just want loves etc. and since this weekend started playing more again with the other cats. And with everything else i was figuring false preg. or miscarriage. well I noticed today she looked bigger again (on one side. LOL) well my daughter said it to me today about her size too (I never said anything as I figured it was just me seeing things. LOL) so now not sure. Just wondering if maybe they go through a "more energy phase" or something. LOL she is still sleeping a TON, but now plays in between her frequent naps.
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Icis is still playing with prue, but not as much. She spends most the day sleeping or bugging me to get into my lap and pet her. she looks like she swallowed a grapefruit of you pick her up and have her stand, but if she is walking normal, jsut looks like she gained some weight and filled out,lol. her hunger has increased tho. she eats a can by herself now and more the a cup of dry( i free feed dry during the night). I tried to get pics, but its hard with her,lol.
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thanks. you think she is due the end of the month too right?
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i think so, or th first week of july, i cant totally tell. from the time she got out, till now, would be 5-6 weeks
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Ok so she is about 1 behind Angel as Angel got out 7 weeks today and came home 6 weeks ago. So I would say beginging of July or so. Think IF (big IF) Angel is preg. and got preg. before she came home she would be due the latest (70 days) July 10th. so bet Ice is due around July 2-10th or so.
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