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Very timid kitten

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One of my 9 week-ish old kittens is VERY timid. Her 2 sisters are VERY outgoing, normal kitten attitudes. They pounce and play. One is a bit more shy then the other, but she will play with you after a bit of lovin.

However Tweek, my husbands baby is extreamly shy. So timid in fact she runs and hides if someone even makes a sound. She wont let anyone touch her, you literally have to capture her to hold her. and when you do catch her, she cowers like you are going to strangle her or attack her. I have never heard her hiss or growl. She doesnt play with her sisters. Once in a while she pounces her moms tail..

Is there anything i can do to encourage her to become more... outgoing? Ive never seen such a timid kitten before. Never.

This is Syrin and Tweek
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It's just a personality thing, just like some people are more outgoing and some are shy. I definately wouldn't be forcing her or holding her when she is clearly frightened. Try and let her come to you, and when she does, give her some very gentle scritches behind the ears. When Trout was little and shy, that's how I won her heart..I coaxed her out from under a chair by giving her very gentle scritches until she was purring away.
As the time passes, your kitty will become more accustomed to the lifestyle around there, and will get more comfortable. I wouldn't worry too much.
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thank you
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First, they are absolutely *precious*!

As hard as it is, patience is key.

She'll come to you on her own terms. Just keep a regular schedule with the cats, and spend time in the room she hangs out in. Talk softly to her or read, but generally ignore her. Direct eye contact is considered a threat by animals. If she seems overly stressed, you could try putting a Feliway plug-in in the room she spends most time in to help calm her.

She may never be a lap cat, but I know you love her unique personality, and you'll appreciate her moments of affection even more. This is what I've learned from my Lilly.
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