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Change to new type of litter?

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I use Fresh Step clay litter. I have nothiced it stinks bad after April uses the litter box. I would like to change to the clumping kind. Is this a good thing to do? If so how do I go about doing this? I do not want her to stop using the litter box. I have been told it is not good to change the litter on a cat. Who else here uses this type of litter? Sorry so many questions butI want what is best for our girl!
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I currently use Fresh Step Clumping. I used to have Arm & Hammer clumping. When I made the switch I just mixed the two litters, sorta like switching foods until all the litter in the box was the new kind. Not sure if this is the right thing, but that is how I did it.

My only problem right now with Fresh Step is the dustiness. I literally choke when cleaning out the box. Now the previous container of it I didn't notice a probelm with it, but this time round it is really dusty even though there is a great big 99.9% dust free emblazoned across the front. I am going to get a new batch soon in hopes that I just got the bottom of a litter batch hence the dust, otherwise I am going to have to switch again.

Any advice as to which litter I should try next? I am a multicat household, and I like the clumping kind. Thanks .
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I use clumping litter and love it. I use Tidy Cats Multiple Cats, either immediate odor control or long lasting, depending on which is on sale

I haven't heard of the "proper" way to change litters, but I had a couple thoughts on it...

You could just get the new litter, put it in a separate litter box while keeping the old one and see if she uses the new one. She may like it better, who knows! If she does, then easy change.

The other way to go would be to change it the same way you would switch food. Gradually add a little bit of the new clumping litter to the old clay. Start with about 3/4 old to 1/4 new. You won't get the benefits of the new clumping litter for a while, but the transition should be pretty smooth.

Hope this helps!

P.S. - Jamie I completely understand about the dust. YUK! I haven't had any problems with dust with the Tidy Cats, even when pouring whole new boxes.
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I use the Fresh Step clumping litter.
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If your cat has never used this type before, be sure to check between her toes and pads for small balls of litter. If she scoops the litter all the way to one end, urinates, steps in it and then covers her business, the wet and the litter can form these irritating balls that will become painful over time. If you do find one, do NOT remove them with warm water or any water at all. This will just cause them to swell up more. Take a small amount of crisco shortening (lard) and spread it over the clump and underneath the pad. Wait about 10 minutes, then take a cotton ball and it will lift right out.
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Thanks Hissy I did not know that could happen. Also thanks everyone for replying. I was going to add the new litter a little at a time but was not sure if this was the best way to do it. I think I will try both ways suggested here. I will put the new litter in a different box and see what happens. If she likes it I will then add some of the new to the old. Thanks so much.
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I use (sorry : my CAT !!!!!!!!) uses the clumping type !!
Is much better ; it is also satisfactionary as to odours !!!
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I just wanted to chime in again. I switched to Tidy Cats Multiple cats this weekend, or at least started the switch, I like the scent better and I am pleased with the lack of dust. My cats don't seem all that disturbed by the change either, granted It isn't completely switched over yet, but initial use is pleasing .
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My cats use clumping and have no problems whatsoever with it. I recently changed brands and just mixed the 2 together for a day or two and then switched over. The cats didn't mind one bit.
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