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Really hilarious video with cats being silly

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Haven't seen most of those before! There's some really funny ones. Love the kittens all climbing up the rug on the wall! And the cat giving himself a shower with the faucet.
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That was great!!! Thanks for sharing!!
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hey that was pretty cool my boyfriend and i sat here and watched them they were so funny and cute i think i might watch it again, lol
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That was excellent! Thank you!
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loved it. will show my hubby and girl tonight.
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Oh my goodness that was so cute!.

There were a few that reminded me of my girls.

The kitty tapping its paw on it's owner wanting attention, that's Sophie.

The kitten jumping sideways, Sophie again.

The kitty on it's back dragging itself along on on the furniture, thats Rosie,

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Some of those falls looked quite high! But then again, my boys have done similar things

Our little babies are quite silly, aren't they?
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man if only it didn't take so looooooong to buffer but yeah, that was pretty cute :d
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I always thought my kitties were klutzes, but after seeing all those other kitties falling off of stuff, I realize they're just like everybody else.

I do wish I could get them to scoot around under the table like that--my floor would be so much cleaner.
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I noticed that this was "Funny Cats 2" so I did a search, but alas there is no "Funny Cats 1." Bummer.
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That was really cute! Thanks for sharing.
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Does anyone remember the Patty Duke Show? In the intro, where Patty is doing that thing in the mirror with her identical cousin? That is sooooo the last two cats in the movie doing their patty-cake thing. That was cute!!!

And the cat giving himself a shower...who sees that every day????

That movie made my night!!! Hilarious!
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I really enjoyed watching those adorable silly kitties.
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