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Cat Wash

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I was at the local Petco picking up a few cans of cat food when I noticed they have a pet grooming service. I can bring my cat in for a wash, nail trim and ear cleaning for a reasonable price.

Gigi has a few fleas but otherwise feels quite clean. I adopted her in April from a shelter she had been at for 6 months. She is ten years old and I have no idea how she will handle this situation.

Something about having her cleaned and groomed feels like a good thing to do to me. She is shedding and the cleanse would also help with her fleas.

She definetly needs her nails trimmed and I have no idea how. Should I give it a go?
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These are all things that are easy to learn to do on your own. As for the fleas, you must treat her for this as she will ingest the fleas (which contain larvae) and end up with tape worms.

Have you selected a vet? Find one ASAP. They will will teach you to do these things and it's is a good way to establish a close relationship with your cat. Mine thinks I am family as I do much of the grooming her mother did for her.
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How come you haven't taken care of the fleas yet? Just curious, had she had them for long?
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For your first time, go for it. But ask the groomers how you trim nails yourself and wash the cat.

There are articles throughout this site on how to bath a cat (long or short hair). Its not that hard to learn and it will save you a lot of money. Nails need to be trimmed and/or looked at once a week. Why pay someone to do it for you all the time?
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