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Hello Everyone!

I'm another newbie - but have been scouring this site for info and advice almost daily since adopting my beautiful 2 year old kitty, Tilly (short for Tigerlilly) a month ago.

She came down with a nasty cold literally the day after I got her and I've been such a worrier about her ever since - this site has been invaluable!

She's healthy now and is really blossoming after a rough start in life, poor thing - details on her background are sketchy - her ear has been discretely tipped but I don't think she was ever a true feral (she's too much of a soppy love-bucket!) - more like a stray: she was apparently fed by neighbours and used to hide under cars when it rained - at some point she was shot with a BB gun (she still has the internal 'jewellrey') and was then attacked by a predator who took a chunk out of her tail - which was when the neighbours called in the Kitten Resuce angels - and then I found her at one of their Pet Co. adoptions events - sitting in her litter box, looking forlorn!

I could go on for hours - I'm so thoroughly in love with her and everything she does - I'll have to work out how to post pictures!
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Aw, you are truly a blessing to this sweet kitty. What an awful life she must have had before she found you. She sounds very sweet. I can't wait to see pics..Oh yeah, Welcome to TCS
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Welcome to the Catsite, hope you enjoy yourself, I see you are from So Ca also, See you on the forums
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Yes!! Just moved over to sunny Los Angeles from London - hence new fur friend. I think she might not understand my accent and that's why she never does what she's asked!
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Welcome to TCS prepare to become addicted... Also we love pictures hint hint
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!!!

See you on the forums!!!
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