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Got mama spayed

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just came back....now the place I did this at didnt provide me with one of those "cones" to wear over her neck. should I go out and get one for her now?
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Not unless she is picking on it or lick the cut a lot. I have never used one before and I have never had a problem. They are called Elizabethan Collars, or E-Collars.
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well i think i am. how long does she wear this?
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Originally Posted by JohnTS71
well i think i am. how long does she wear this?
Call your vet and ask what their recommendation is.

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ok i took this off her...she is totally misirable! she keeps wanting to take it off and bumps into stuff ill keep an eye on her
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Are you sure your cat needs one? Trout didn't really pay much attention to her stitches and if she did, we just redirected her focus elsewhere.
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I've never used an e-collar, and I have had lots of animals spayed! I did read about someone who made a little stocking with arm holes cut out to cover the kitty's spay stitches, so kitty couldn't lick. That might be another idea.

And good for you getting her spayed!
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those darn e-collars drive my fur kids nutz. Skittles goes to get tied and I want to make sure I can keep it off her and distract her...
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I don't remember my cats having one but know my dogs did. But the quote they gave me for Angels spay has one on it..........
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