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anything new on Angel? Ice now looks like she swallowed a grapefruit, and her belly is supertaunt, so i cant feel anything, but her nipples are getting bigger and stretching with loose skin, waiting to be filled

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nope nothing new. Some times she looks smaller than before others the same. Alot of times now her belly doesn't feel as "round" as it did or at least to me. She used to have a little ball feeling in there that I could put my hand around and haven't noticed that lately but still looks close to the same I guess. her nipples are still big and very hard........... thinking she either had a false preg. or she is miscarrying and just reabsorbing the kittens........

She still sleeps alot but is playing with my other cats more than she had for the first 6 weeks or so........... but still no heat........ we are on 7 weeks (just over) since she last went into heat........ So waiting for either a heat cycle or a suprise labor since I am not thinking she is really preg or at least not anymore.

very sad as I was really looking forward to having kittens again and seeing them as newborns and watching them grow up. Not that I would ever breed one of my cats on purpose unless I was a breeder but once it was "done" I was excited with the whole idea. So now feeling let down and sad. Maybe in quite a few years I can do some rescue for either just kittens or a preg. mom or mom and kittens. But have to wait till some of my babies pass over the rainbow bridge which will hopefully be a good many years away.
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