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My parents new Puppy

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My parents have had dogs for as long as I can remember. Well about two years ago the last dog passed away and my stepmom was so heartbroken that she said they would never had another dog. They have always owned smaller dogs. The one was a poodle mix and the other some small breed mixed. So anyhow Ive always bragged on our No Kill Shelter here. My kids and I visit it at least once every two weeks if not more and we love playing with the animals and loving on them. We'll my sisterinlaw has adopted two pets from there now and we got our Daisy from there and now my stepmom adopted on Friday!! She was there when I went with my sisterinlaw to get her poodle mix and she was so excited about the dogs there but said they were not going to adopt again.........but obviously those puppies pulled on her heartstrings so she went back alone on Friday and then called me all excited and we rushed up there and there was her new baby. His name is Darius and he is a 10 week old lab mix. Collie or something......but he has the best personality and is doing wonderful with them. This is my Samantha sitting with him.
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Awww he's adorable!
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I thought there would be more puppy lovers out there who would love to see him.............

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He's adorable!

Looks like he has some border collie in him...Will likely be a smart lil devil
(which translates as: will keep her very busy with needing lots of stimulation and work to do!!)
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Yep......hes border collie/lab mix and he is in the best home for keeping him busy. My stepmom has started major training with him right from the start. Every move he makes is with a command already. He is very very smart. Thanks
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What a cutie pie! Look at that belly! He is very handsome
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AWW! He is too cute Love his fuzzy ears!!
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what a handsome puppy!
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What a precious little fella!
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OH! I'm jumping up and down inside!! I have a Lab mix that is SOO smart, and I can tell this little one will be, too! It sounds like he found the perfect home.

My dog had only 1 accident inside (because my MIL didn't know to let him out) and we've had him since 7 weeks!
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Thanks everyone!!!
We have been dog sitting him since Saturday....and hes had NO accidents. Hes such a doll that I dont even want to give him back. lol WE have him a total of 10 days so we are so in love on day three that by day 10 we are going to be in big trouble. lol
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I love puppies. He's adorable. At work, we had 2 boarded boxer mix puppies who were 4 months old, brother and sister, and they were the sweetest, hyper puppies I have seen in awhile. Congrats on the new addition to the whole family. He's just a doll!
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