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Hello everyone,

Check this out. This website has a variety of automatic feeders. I'm particularly interested in the one for cats with eating disorders. Cats that tend to eat their dry food too fast and then vomit need to be fed smaller more frequent meals. Pet sitters who can only come to your home once are twice a day are unable to do this. But this model dispenses small portions of food frequently throughout the day. Your cat can be fed as many as 7 times throughout a 24 hour period! Plus the food gets dispersed on a tray. That's great for multiple cats to eat around it. I don't like the price. It's about $200.00 but I think it would be a good investment for my cats because Spotty does have a habit of vomiting up dry food after eating it too fast and I can only put out 1/8 of a cup of dry food at a time for him. I would only use this feeder during times of vacation and during times when I may be away overnight or for long periods of time. The website even shows a basic presentation of how the feeder works. The speaker of the presentation is kind of boring but the cat is adorable. What do you think?