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Cover your poo...

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My older kitty, Peaches, was a delight. Until I got Cosmo. Now it seems that cosmo is teaching peach all of these bad habits. But the most annoying is the refusal to cover the poo. But it doesn't happen all the time, but enought to stink. I've seen the other posts and I've gotten the impression it was an all or nothing thing. But with peaches it seems to be a learned behavior and with both kittens it seems to be intermittent. It happens with a clean box and with a less than clean box. I can't stand it. blech.
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Skittles does the same thing sometimes, but not all the time as well....and he is an only kitty.
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Sometimes my Dolly gets lazy and wont cover her poo, but once Cody smells it he heads right to the litter box and covers it for her, LOL! I have no idea why she does it, but boy am I thankful that Cody gets it, because it would suck to have to go cover it myself every time she got lazy!

Maybe someone else can help you here, I am interested in what the others have to say...
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My cats have decided to start doing that too...I think it was in response to some changes in the litter (i switched them over to pellet, then the store ran out of pellet, and they went back to regular). I think they are punishing me for this. I haven't figured out how to fix this yet...hopefully someone will come along with some better ideas.
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I have heard that sometimes, the top cat of the litter box, will leave their poo uncovered.
The message?
"I rule this box."
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Nothing you can do about "teaching" him to cover. He either does or doesn't. But you could try a covered litter pan with an air filter.
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My Rosie never covers hers so your able to see it in all it's glory!

It's something to do with being the top cat like Lei mentioned. Sophie my youngest usually goes on and covers Rosie's up for her.
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Yeh - covering it is to do with controlling the amount of scent it gives off. That's why they sniff it, cover up a bit, sniff a bit more etc. until it's leaving the right message. More dominant cats are less likely to cover as they want to leave a strong signal that they've been there.
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What is going on in the universe that all of a sudden no one cover their poo?-recently some of mine-and with 6 now I cannot say who it is, but someone or someones is not covering at our house either. If it is a dominancy thing that would make perfect sense since it started about the time we rescued Squeeker-luckily with him only being 5 weeks old-litterbox 101 has trained him to cover his. Although I would rather the littlest poo stink more than the biggest poo! I guess we all just have to start investing in more air fresheners. Someone mentioned above to get covered litterboxes with filters-I have 2 booda domes and even still it gets pretty stinky! Good luck and my sympathies are out there to all of you!
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I was noticing last night that Lucky didn't cover her's but she went through the motions of burying it not with litter inside the box, but outside the box on the floor. maybe the box isn't big enough for her?
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It sounds like it might be time for a larger box.
My kitties love their larger box.
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Darn it all :P another trip to PetSmart! Lol
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Originally Posted by Renny
Darn it all :P another trip to PetSmart! Lol
Check out this link where members have offered some excellent litter box options. :

Let us know what you get.
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Some really good idea....I'd like to stick with covered boxes so i'll have to get a tote and keep the cover, get a hole put in the side....or top (that would be even better!)

Shopping after work! woohoo!
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We have 3, and only Gabby doesn't cover her poo, she's also the one who will wait patiently on the stairs (the box is in the basement), while I scoop out or clean the box.... only then will she descend down to the box to go! When done, she'll scratch on the floor outside the box, turn 'sniff' her poo, scratch again outside and then go on her merry way.
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You probably want another box at least. You should have 1 more box than the number of cats.
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