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The Effects of Heat

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I'm sure the weather is the same in a lot of places as it is here in Cleveland-hot and humid. In the past few days, Ivo has been less active, spending a lot of time sprawled out on the floors (wood or linoleum) than sitting in her kitty condo. She also has become less active. Her appetite is still good, she's drinking water, and using her litter box normally. I'm sure her behavior is normal, given the weather, but when should I become concerned?
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If your cat is a long-hair, taking her in to get shaved is a good idea. When cats get uncomfortably hot, they will seek cool tiles to lay on. They will start to pant to help draw off the heat their body collects. Unlike humans, who sweat almost through every pore, the only way a cat can sweat is through it's pads or by breathing.

If kitty is sluggish and you call her name and she does not respond, that is a sign or impending heat stroke. Other more serious signs are the tongue and gums get bright red and the mouth gets very dry. There will be vomitting and diarrhea. If you see these signs, call your vet and while transporting kitty, cover her with wet paper towels and see if she will take some ice chips in her mouth. But serious heat stroke can lead to kidney problems, bleeding disorders of the brain, and even brain damage.

Provide you kitty with cool, fresh water during these heat waves, keep her indoors or if she goes in and out, make sure there is shade outside, or don't let her out. I bought one of those misting fans for my horse, and also have one upstairs in the cat room, that helps to draw off the hot air when it gets so hot. Today, it is supposed to be 91 degrees here.This will be the first time it has gotten that hot this year.
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Thanks for the reply. Luckily, Ivo is short haired, so I don't have to worry about getting her shaved. As I said, she seems normal and is responsive, just a lot less active. I have the air conditioner on when I'm home, but unfortunately she is wary of it, so she doesn't spend much time in the room when it's on. This is the first time, living on my own without central air, that I've had a cat during the summer, so I wanted to make sure her slowing down a little was normal. Thanks for reassuring me.

Have a cool day!
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