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Any home remedies? **Warning girl info here**

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I am sitting here in so much pain I want to cry. My cramps are killing me!! I know I know TMI but I need some remedies.. NOW!! I usually use thermacare heat wraps but I don't have any right now. Anyone have any remedies for me??
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If you are at home... try some dry rice in a small cushion case or something and heat in microwave, it works the same as the heat pads/wraps, a cup of tea usually helps a little too.

Try taking extra vit B12 and D for next month!
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Oh honey, I hear ya, I get killer cramps too. If you have anything with lavender, the scent is very soothing generally, which helps you to relax all your muscles and not tense up any further. I have a lavender body wash that I like to use in a hot shower for that purpose. Of course, for all I know you're at work right now, so a hot shower is not an option. Some deep breathing and very gentle stretching of that area might also help. VERY gentle though, you don't want to send yourself into spasm. I find the key is to get myself to relax, because sometimes cramps can become worse because your body tenses up in response to the initial pain, creating a vicious cycle.
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Sorry girlfriend.... I use the heating pad too. And lots of ibuprofin...
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Cramps are never TMI. The sooner boys get over their fear of "girl problems" the better!

That aside, some of my friends swear by cool water bottles (never tried it myself). Can you make some rice socks for yourself? (don't know if you're at home or work. If you are at home, maybe soak in warm, hot water?
I've also read that back rubs on the lower back can help, but obviously you need a second person.

Personally I just take 4 ibuprofen and try to grit my teeth through the next 1/2 - 1 hour as the medicine kicks in!

Sorry I couldn't be more help! I hope they go away soon.

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I use to take Midol for cramps. IB Profin helps too. since I've been on the pill though I do not get cramps like I use to.
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Sorry here to I don't have to deal with that anymore Its marvlousssssss
I never did have those cramps anyways, hope you feel better ..How about Advil?
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I am at work right now but 4 rolls around I am headed staright home no stops at the store so I will have to try the rice socks. That and get into the jacuzzi tub with HOT water!! Keep remedies coming though. Maybe I will find more to try!!
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oh oh oh sweetie, I know how you feel Hot-water bottle and chocolate for me I'm afraid. Perhaps you could try a short walk (I always find that helps because I forget I'm sore). I sleep on my belly too. Hrmn... what else... dunno, I'll keep thinking.
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try squatting down, dont know why but thats meant to help!
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The best way to prevent them is to drink absolutely no caffeine and to drink lots and lots of water around when you know you'll get them, and eat as little salt as possible. Good idea in general, but especially important around "that time". Anything that relaxes you muscles is good, so if you can think of anyway to do that go for it. A single glass of wine may help, but obviously you wouldn't want to do that with the Advil or whatever. Chamomile tea is always an old standby, but it makes me sleepy.

In my experience, if you have a terrible time when you're not taking BC pill, it gets way better if you start and if you are usually fine before you start taking it you suddenly have a terrible time of it. Just a thought!
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I was having mind boggling cramps before my gyno put me on the pill a few years ago......worked wonders!
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I am on the pill too, but I get monster cramps from time to time. It's because of the Tegretol I take for my seizures. It messes up my cycle and my periods don't always come on the "green" pills. Hence the monster cramps. I usually take Midol, or ibuprofen to get through them, and I eat lots of chocolate. I haven't tried those thermacare heating pads for periods though. I might have to try them.
I feel for you. I hate cramps, especially if I'm at work. I get moody and nasty to everyone. I'm glad it only happens once in awhile that I get them. I think I will never go off the pill just because of that fact.
Go home, rest and have someone bring you Midol, heating pads and chocolate!
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I heard drinking tea helped, I tried it and it helped. Also, have you tried aspirin or any of those pain medications that say relieves Menstrual cramps headache etc symptoms? I feel for ya....
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do you have something like ben gay?? it is strange but it works plus the rice heat pad
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crawl up in a ball!
I dont know about you but this is a little TMI

IF you know your cycle well, you may find that when you have cramps you cant go to the toilet!
DO it a few days/ hours before the cramps arrive! It helps.. Honestly!
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also if u tend to have really bad cramps might want to mention to dr. could be a underlaying cause eg endometrios, fibroids or something else. if not try taking ibuprophin a couple days befor eperiod untill a day or so into your period
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When I called the advice nurse a few months back about this same issue, she told me to take 3 or 4 ibuprofen. This help slow the flow and the cramps will follow.
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I get Depo Provera injections every 3 months, and haven't had a period, cramp, mood swing or anything like that in nearly 4 years.

If you want to have kids though, go off the Depo at least 1 1/2-2 years before you want to try starting the baby factory.
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I tried the pill but it completely screwed me all up. According to Dr. Drew (ya, Loveline, I listen to it he said that some women have a reaction like that where they completely lose their sex drive and that is exactly what happened to me. Some women never get it back the same way so I am working on that one. Anyways, I am not on any BC and I never will again. I just take Alieve, only one and it lasts like 8 hours. Taht really helps. And my bf makes me Peppermint and Camomile tea which helps too.
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Originally Posted by LuckyGirl
I use the heating pad too. And lots of ibuprofin...
I've also heard that it helps if you start taking ibuprofin a few days before.
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You know those little heating pads for people who go out hunting? You shake them or expose them to air and they heat up. They are awesome for when you are at work or school and can't have a heating pad. Just tuck them in the waistband of your pants... you do have to readjust everyonce in a while cause they can get rather warm.

I discovered this this winter as my Ffil keeps giving them to me and I needed to use them up somehow!
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My cramps are so bad that I have a prescription for a muscle relaxant I pop one of those a month and they stop.
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Originally Posted by lookingglass
My cramps are so bad that I have a prescription for a muscle relaxant I pop one of those a month and they stop.
I get those too. They are the best. BUT...I only get my "thing" every 6 months. Dont know why. But the cramps are the WORST. I never felt anything like that before, well other than childbirth...

If they really are that bad, I would talk to your doctor about muscle relaxers. Otherwise, like Fran said...Curl up in a ball. That's what I do waiting for the pills to kick in. OH...and rock back and forth, and say "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ" over and over.
Yes, It sounds, and does look very strange. But it works..temporarily...but it works.
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Brandi, I know how you feel my dear. A couple of days ago I was in your situation. I get killer cramps that I usually have to go to the doc for. I get so much pain I can't move, I throw up, I get dizzy and pass out (I have an iron deficiency). It's awful. Those therma-thingies work really well sometimes, but sometimes your darn cramps just smile at them and keep on coming strong, lol. I tend to take massive amounts of ibuprofen, way more than you should really and keep the heat thingies on. Also, like they said above, NO caffeine, it makes it worse. Back rubs and exercise help. But I think you already have a great plan of the jacuzzi! So relaxing. But be careful not to get so dizzy from the heat, almost all women's iron level dips when they have their period.
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What works best for me is a bubble bath, scented candles (just because they're relaxing) warm cup of herbal tea (regular tea gives me killer cramps,so i switch to herbal a few days before my periods due) and an issue of Cosmo or any other good magazine!!! I'd suggest taking a bubble bath or use a warm heating pad--or rice sock heated up./ Some times a little moderate exercise like a light walk can help relieve cramps./ Be sure to lay off salty foods and caffine (chocolate included....it can make cramps worse....but peanut butter isn't a bad alternative) .Also, watch how much fiber you take in right before your periods because it can cause bloating,cramps and diarreah....ie..broccli,potatoes,etc.. and it isn't a bad idea to take some imodium at the slightest signs of diarreah to prevent it./ Take an over the counter pain reliever like midol or ibuprofein (sp?) and be sure to stay hydrated with plenty of water. It might not be a bad idea to keep a journal of every little cramping episode you get so that you know how frequently you have symptoms and how often...i'd scale the cramps 1 to 5 so you can keep track of if it's really interfearing with your life...it might not be a bad idea to discuss your symptoms with your gynecologist....my cramps were soo horrible (i wasn't able to get up off the floor at one point) when i was younger they put me on the pill to help my periods....and it worked for me, i take Yasmine. Each woman is different, but i hope one of these suggestions is able to help you. Feel better soon!!!

Also, i've included a link to IVillages website that has fourms on menstral pain and topics that go along with it so you can read through it and maybe find some helpful tips.
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Well now that I'm in that peri-menopause stage I'm never sure when to expect my period-surprise it came on Friday nite!!!! At the 1st twinge of cramps I pound down either aspirin or ibuprofen. Walking around a bit helps to as I seem to be a bit restless for them to subside. When you work though that can present a problem!! At home its a hot bath for me, I haven't had to resort to the heating pad though. Unfortunately for me the cramps do not end when my period starts anymore but can continue the whole time.
What I have found is regular exercise seems to diminish the cramps.
Have some chocolate or salty food on hand!!
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I take primrose oil tabs sometimes, I'm not convinced they do anything.
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something that works for me is getting into a hot hot shower and having it beat on my tummy then i have a hot cup of tea and lay done on my tummy and take a nap i just got over mine too and had killer cramps hope they go away soon!!!!!!! good luck
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I'll see your killer cramps and raise you one back injury. Yep, in addition to my back hurting, now the front hurts!
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