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Poor little Ghost.
So many kitties, so few resources.
Thank you for caring.
Baby Ghost remains in my prayers.
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Awww... *sending some good vibes to Ghost*
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Oh sweet Ghost, I'm sorry you're going through this buddy.
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I wish I had good news to bring everyone, but after 5 days at the vet he is not doing any better. I'm unsure exactly what the plan is, but I have heard that Ghost will be fostered at a volunteers home for the remainder of his days however short that number is. Thanks for all the good vibes, now I feel like his buddy Rainbow will really need the good vibes. He was very deppresed while Ghost was at the vet. So I'm really hoping he will get over this quickly.
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Originally Posted by xocats
Ghost will be in my prayers as long as they are needed.
I'll be watching for your updates.
Well said Xocats.

Me too.

Edited to send vibes for Rainbow too.

How sad for both of them, and for you.
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That's so sad. More for him, and for Rainbow, too.
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More love is coming to Ghost & Rainbow.
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Well I took Ghost to his "Foster" home last night. He is spending his last days with somone who will show him lots of love & is able to give him the care that will make him comfortable. I found out more last night about his story. Apparently thier original owner passed away. I've seen it before where animals give up after the person or people they are bonded to die. I think that may be what happend to him. It was very hard taking him away from Rainbow, but I talked to both of them and told them what was happening. I told Rainbow that Ghost would be well cared for & loved in his last days and I promised Ghost we would find Rainbow a good home. Thanks everyone for the good vibes. Ghost needs a miracle & Rainbow needs a good home so please keep those vibes coming. I will post a memorial to Ghost when his time on earth is done.
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((((((Ghost and Rainbow))))))
When it's time, I pray that you will be together once again at the Bridge.
Until then..may your lives be filled with peace and love.
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Aww, I do hope Ghost has some very happy days left, and that Rainbow doesn't miss him too much.
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