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"Rescued" a kitten from work today!

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Here are some pictures of the sweetie

A customer at work (Petco) had found an injured kitten in the parkinglot and brough it to us. They kept it in our grooming kennels over night and when I came into work this morning I took at look at him and just knew I had to take care of him

Here's what we know about his injuries so far:

-A decent sized burn on his neck under his jaw, about the size of a stick of gum.

-He has about 3 semi-deep scratches on his legs front and back

-His right front arm/shoulder is most likely broken.

-His eye has been injured in some way (possibly a bad scratch?) and was crusted shut but I cleaned it and managed to get him to open his eye on his own so that is a good sign!

By law, PetCo has to call animal control and let them handle the situation, so we did and they said that they could only put him down and nothing else. My boss called the corporate boss and they ok'd me to take him home and nurse him back to health and I am so glad I did. He is the sweetest little guy and purrs the instant you hold him.

I would like to ask you guys to please donate any amount if you can to get this little guy better. I read the sticky post about donations so until I get the address of Petco's veterinarian I will not ask anyone to send any money to my paypal account unless they request it. If you can't donate please pray for this little guy to be healed!

EVEN BETTER THAN A DONATION: If anyone in my area (Waco, TX) is interested in giving this baby a loving home PLEASE let me know! In the meantime, I am nursing him back to health and providing him a home but my husband would really like someone to adopt him because we already have 2 animals and live in an apartment and we would like him to go to a place where he can have lots of space to play
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If two bosses - including the grand boss himself said it was okej for you to take the kitten home and nurse, it should mean they are also prepared the corporation to help with all the money. Otherwise there is no point with this permission. (or you mean you could leave an hour earlier?). Anyway:
Try and talk with them about it! Call it their sponshorship! And the kitten the firms mascot. Do mention it is wonderful PR too if they are the least hesitant.

The kitten may have got a ride with a car in the engine room. I did read about such a case, the injuries were preciselely the same. And the kitten WAS found at a parking lot.
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Bless you for saving that beautiful little baby kitty!!

Stefan's idea about corporate sponsorship is a very good one. I hope you will give that a try. Also, your boss might let you set up a collection jar at work. If Petco does on site adoptions, maybe they will let you offer him for adoption there.

Whatever you do, charge an adoption fee to ensure he gets a good home. It's dangerous to give cats away for free because they could be sold for research or fed to snakes.
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Adoption fee = amount of spay/neuter

So you can pay for the kitten to be fixed and make sure you have a good owner, at the same time.
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What a sweety!! You are great for rescuing him
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What a lucky little kitty he found you! I think it's so wonderful you are taking care of this little cutie!

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StephanZ's probably right about the kitten crawling into a car engine & going for an unplanned ride. Thank God that you were able to rescue the little one!! You might check the lost ads in case someone is missing the kitten! And prayers for his speedy healing!! Bless you for taking action in helping the little guy!
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