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should I cut back Angels food?

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Ok normally I give my cats wet food as a treat about once or twice a week and they have free dry food out all day long.

Since I thought Angel was preg. I started giving her wet once or twice a day. Now I am not so sure and leaning to that she either has a false preg. or she was preg. and is in the process of micarrying and absorbing the fetuses. She hasnt' gottan a ton bigger recently, her nipples are still alot bigger than they were (but maybe they will never go back?) and seems she has some "loose skin" that hangs down now (almost like older females get after they have been spayed only she is young, 2 yrs old, and not spayed). So wondering if I should still feed her that JIC by chance (very slim) she is (still?) preg or cut back and should the dry be enough if that small chance that she is?

I won't give all details as most on here know them already with the vets and such. She still hasnt' gone back into heat in the past 7 weeks and a few days since the begining of her last heat.........
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Can you take her back to the vet for a check up? If she hasn't been out in 7 weeks, I'm sure the vet could tell if she was preggers. If not, you could get her spayed!

If you can't get her to the vet yet, I'd say keep feeding her extra. And be sure to keep her inside!
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beckiboo--- I have posted this a couple times but she has gone to the vets twice. she went on Fri and then 2 weeks before that. both times the vet couldn't really tell. She didn't "think" she felt anything but she thought she felt fecal matter in the colon and said it could have been a kitten and not fecal matter so she said if she is preg. she would have 1. But couldn't answer on why she hasn't been in heat in 7 weeks. She said she would talk to the other vet that is there (they were on vaca when I went on fri) today and see if they would check her out for free and see if maybe they felt anything, but I haven't heard from them today so not sure if she did or what......

Right now i am waiting for a heat (since she is indoor only and we have talked to my 3 yr old about letting her out) or for her to go into labor before I get her fixed since even the vet can't say 100% she isn't........ She did gain a pound in the 2 weeks between visits............. And not paying $110 for an ultrasound when I will know in a few weeks anyways. She got out 7 weeks ago tomorrow morning and came home 6 weeks ago tonight...... So she would be 6-7 weeks along so not much longer if she is preg........ and most likely if she isn't since if it is a false preg. she should go back into heat soon............... (strange since she goes into heat every 2-3 weeks during this time of year)
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Wet food is a good thing for cats to have on a daily basis and even instead of dry food. So there should be no problem at all from this. If you notice a weight gain then maybe cut back on the dry food if anything. Dry food is usuall more fattening anyways. Although if she is pregnant then she could be gaining bc of that. Either way though, wet food is a good thing!

Also, she could have had a silent heat.
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she is 2 and has never had a silent heat. hahaaa. she is LOUD and makes it well known when she is in heat. plus she is the ONLY female cat I have ever had that sprays when in heat (and I grew up breeding himmies!). so I know she hasn't been in heat since then.
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Ok well nevermind that
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Jen--- heehee. yeah if she was ever sort of quiet and didn't spray I would wonder if she did have a silent heat.
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I would keep treating her as if she was pregnant, especially since you know when she may have gotten preggers. If she is preggers, this would be the growth push for the kitten(s), and she would have a big appetite. And like you said, you will know for sure in a few weeks, so why pay for an ultrasound!

Sorry for not reading back...I was out of town for a week so haven't been keeping up!
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beckiboo---- NO problem. LOL just didn't want to bore everyone else with it all over again. LOL

Ok so in my head she won't be preg. but I will feed her like she is. hehehehehehe. I am so worried about getting MAJORLY let down if she doesn't have kittens and already gone "through" that so will continue to think she isn't until she is in labor then I will believe it. hahahaahahaha.
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I know, it is tough, knowing you don't want her to be preggers, but still feeling bad because the kittens would be so cute! Remember, if she doesn't have kittens, you can always try fostering a litter!
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becki---- can't foster quite yet but it is in my plans for the future once we don't have as many pets. so hopefully the FAR future. But yes it would be good if she didn't have kittens but I got sooooooo excited to have babies around again (it has been years since we bred cats). I would never do it on purpose but once it was done I got excited at the possibility. But either way she will get fixed once she goes into and comes out of heat again or kittens are weaned whichever happens so we don't deal with this again.

But hoping in about 8 yrs or so (my oldest cat is about 9-10 next oldest is around 8 and I want them around for ALOT longer. ) I will be able to foster preg. moms, or moms with kittens or motherless kittens. I already told my hubby my plans. heheee, not sure how he felt about it but there is NO way he would let me do it now plus we dont' have a "spare" room one could go in yet. But once our basement is finished we will have more rooms and most likely my oldest won't be here in 8 yrs so that will add another room. LOL
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