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Question for those of you that changed vets…

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Hi. I am thinking of changing vets but I’m still weighing it out. Did you ask your ex- vet for copies of your kitty’s records? And do you have to explain to them why?

I assume we have every right to ask for the records, but I’m just curious what your experiences are. I’m new to the vet world as I just got my first pet. Thanks for your help!
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I just sign a release ( like you would for yours ) at my new vets and never had trouble
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Let your new vet contact your old vet for the records. It shouldn't be a problem. Saying old vet has so far refused to send over my records to my new vet (this is the attitude that made me leave them in the first place).
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A friend had the same issues and had to go to the old Vet stand there and demand that they hand over her files.

I personally just signed the release at my new Vets and they handled everything!
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I'm getting ready to change vets myself. Personally, I'll just let the new vet take care of it.
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Originally Posted by Nerelda
I'm getting ready to change vets myself. Personally, I'll just let the new vet take care of it.
Where in Maryland do you live?

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Eastern Shore. Much too far for the Western Shore vets. lol

I do already have a few places in mind. My pet is at one of them today. We'll see how they do with him.
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You're not too far from where we are....we live right at the Bay Bridge (Cape St. Claire)....
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I live around an hour from there. lol I'm just south east of Easton. (about 20 minutes off of 50)
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My first vet I just left cause he was getting to weird..I would get about 1 minute exam and then told cats fine with no time for questions. That happend 2 xs and I left(I figured maybe he had bad day first time or emergency) He saw my cats from 96-98-He did 2 neuters and basic shots. So I never got records-I have the recipts of all the cats visits and obviously they are neutered. I moved away for 6 months and duiring time had to take the cat to a vet(urinary issues and a 8.0 ph ) in other town...when I moved back and he got sick agin they just asked for number and requested all his bloodwork/urinalyis be faxed. Right now I am Super happy with my vet(s-two in same practice) RJ
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I left my old vet b/c we moved. I made an appt for one cat (rocky) to get him established at the new vet (he has a lot of illnesses) and then called the old vet to fax all the records to the new vet.
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Thanks so much for sharing your experiences, I feel better knowing the protocol -though I’m sorry to hear about those vets holding the records hostage – I hope my transition to a new vet goes smoothly.

Thanks again!
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Hi there
I am sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your current vet. I am a vet tech and from experience I can tell you honestly-if your vet is as busy as mine-it really goes unnoticed in a way, if you get your records faxed somewhere else. As always we are sad to see someone go elsewhere, but if they feel it is for the better then it is easier to let them go then to get mad over them leaving. I can also tell you that for me it is especially weird, because I take my 6 kitties to another vet that I found AFTER working for my current employer. It makes things a little awkward when I have to take time off from the vet where I work to take them to a vet appointment but I have been totally honest and up front about my feelings and now it is okay with everyone. So if I were you and if you feel at all wrong about calling to get the records transferred, then make your new vet call for them and take you out of the middle. Best of luck with the new vet.
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Usually you can walk right in and obtain all of your records or call them and have it faxed (including x-rays and test results, etc.) Sometimes they will have you pay for x-rays to be taken out of the office, others will not let you unless you have a valid reason.

Some vets, if you owe them any money for anything at all, will not give you the records.

Now a days, I personally won't make a repeat visit to a vet that I don't feel comfortable with. I'm starting to form a nice relationship with my new one and all the staff, but I've also been there about 6+ times since Dec. alone. I just wish they did animals other then cats and dogs too.
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