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HELP! My cat is jumping on the counters!

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I was just wondering if anyone could tell me an effective way to keep my cats from jumping up on the kitchen counters. I have tried what seems to be everything and nothing seems to work. If anyone has any suggestions, i would really appreciate it.
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Get a medal coffee can and fill it with rocks or coins. When they jump up shake it near them. They will associate the noise with something that they aren't allowed to do.
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I've never tried this myself, but I know some people suggest putting aluminum foil on the surfaces you don't want the cat to jump on, because they don't like the way it feels.
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Put a bunch of aluminum cans, partially filled with pebbles or pennies, all over the counters. When the cat lands on the counter, he will knock over the cans which will make a loud noise and scare him away. He will likely need to do this a few times before he learns that the counter is too scary to jump up on.
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The only thing I have found that works is putting tape on things you don't want your cat on. They don't like the sticky. The problem I've had with the noises and the squirt guns is that the cats usually don't climb on the stuff when I'm home. I only catch them jumping down when I get home from work.
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Be careful if you use tape. You don't want it to end up stuck in their fur or wrapped around them.

Would scat mats help on counters? I've never used them, but have heard of them.
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Good question!! I've always wondered that because I couldn't, for the life of me, keep my cat off the counters. I tried everything but nothing worked. Finally, I just gave up and now she's on and off the counters as she pleases.

Anyway, these are all good suggestions. I might try the coffee can with pebbles one.
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Just keep in mind that the remedies that require your presence will work only when you are there. They won't keep the cats off the counter when you are not in the room.

Also make sure that you never leave food on the counter or in the sink. This will make the counters less attractive to them.
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I wouldn't use tape, simply because I had a problem with tape a few weeks back with my kitty. After a healthy dose of peanut butter to get the tape off of his whiskers I'm a bit wary of things like that.
You may want to put some plastic mats with little traction nubs on them. Cats don't like the way they feel on their paws.
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When we are home they have learned to stay off the counters.
I know Shamie gets on the counters where we're not home so I made it a habbit to clean all counter surfaces when I get home anytime I leave the house for work or to go shopping. I also make sure the counters are pretty much cleared off before I go to bed at night.
It works for us.
I just wish he would learn that it's ok to sit and stand on things that I sit and stand on. LOL Then I remember he's a cat and I make adjustments to make life easier for all of us here.
Fez is only 12 weeks old so he can't jump on counters yet but I'm sure he will when he's bigger.
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I could DEFF use some help here. Taz got on the counter, and then UP onto my DRYING racks where i DRY my HERBS, she ate all my CATMINT!!! ALL OF IT!!. Well she ate all the budding flowers that were to be dried. She ATE them. THAT MONSTER!!!

I use Catmint for alot of other things besides for Tazzies pleasure, and she ate my MINT!! OFF my drying racks, on top of the cupboards,


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Years ago I had a cat who used to jump on the counters. One night I pulled out all of my aluminum baking pans and cooking pans and stacked them up haphazardly on the counter before I went to bed. Sometime in the middle of the night I was awakened by the pans hitting the floor. It made a terrible racket. I think it scared her because I never saw her go up there again and never saw any signs that she'd been up there when I wasn't around.
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