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Our Daily Thread for Tuesday, March 27

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Well, my two boys are settling in together. Fergus has taken to attacking the gray boy (in a good-natured way), and I am pleased that he is no longer running away. They are sleeping in the same room, so I have decided not to separate them and cause more of a disturbance.

I am trying to come up with a Russian name for our new cat, and I need it soon because I don't want to call him "gray boy" forever. He is a beautiful boy. His face is blue, just like a Russian Blue, but there are parts of his coat that have some red in the gray. His eyes are yellow-green, and his nose and lips are black. He is just as good-looking as Fergus, so there will be no competition on that score!!

My brother called when I got home from work to check in on me, knowing about the break-in and my husband's trip to the field. It was so sweet -- my little brother is trying to take care of me! What a blessing family is!

I guess I am feeling chatty again today. Perhaps that is because my husband is away. Oh well, he'll be home soon-ish.

I am looking forward to hearing about y'all's days (am I getting Southern, or what?)
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I don't know russian, but for some reason when i think of russia i think of vodka (and i'm not an alcoholic)and when i think of vodka i think of stoli. i think stoli is kind of cute.

just a thought
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I look up Russian names in Yahoo. How about Mikhail? Micky for short? I also too like Stoli. Good luck.
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Stoli is a cute name. Let us know what you come up with Meghan

The weather is so gloomy here. It has been raining all day and the sky is covered completely in grey. It makes me feel pretty blue. I am down today, things sometimes just don't go the way you want. I am looking forward to going home and curling up with my kitty. That is what makes me feel the best on days like today.
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i am having a down day also & the sun is shining here! oh well tomorrow is another day
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Hi airprincess...

I hope it is nothing too bad. When the sun is shining and you are feeling down, that is just too much to bare. You are right... tomorrow is another day.
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you know how you just have one of those days were you just feeling like you're dragging & you don't know why? i just want to go home & crawl into bed but i have to catch a 6 hour flight to LA for work. i'm not complaining but i want to be a couch potato!
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Oh yes, I know exactly how you are feeling. That is some of what I am going through now. I can't seem to snap out of it.

I have been running non stop for the past few weeks. Sorry, you can't stop to relax right away. Yikes, to LA.. I hope the time passes quickly.
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i usually find the best way to snap out of it is curl up in bed with junk food and either a good book or really cheesy tv. guilty pleasures are the best! have a great evening & i hope tomorrow is a better day
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I vote for Sergei!
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Love Stoli! Average day here in Florida. I have to literally replan my day when I get home. I have about 20 email responses to threads I 've posted on! Whoops! There's another one!

Tomorrow I have to meet with a home inspector to look at the potential new homestead. I guess this is the last hurdle. If all checks out, I suppose the packing will commence.

Biggest problem so far is going to be internet access! I currently run through a cable modem. I found that the cable company servicing the new joint is some rinky-dink outfit with zero internet access. I am too spoiled to go back to dial-up. I guess I will look into DSL, but no one can tell me anything until I get a phone number. I am afraid of being too far out for service.

Hope you're feeling better, airprincess!
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Well, I made it through my day unscathed. It has actually been really calm. I think maybe a busy spurt may be coming. Have you ever noticed that when you have some time on your hands, its never enough to get the much needed stuff done!! I just keep praying this cold weather goes away so I can get my t shirts out.
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Meghan ; What about Rasputin (the mad Russian Monk) as a name for your gray boy? I have had two cats that I gave Russian names, but they were both female: The Princess Anastasia and the Dowager Empress. I have not been on site much in the last days. I went to the dr. today and it ate up the whole day. He says I have to take a diuretic for my swelling and get an ecco cardiagram (have no idea how to spell it correctly) to make sure I don't have fluid around my heart, which the poor circulation may be a symptom of. Oh yeah, and, of course, loose weight and exerecise more. . . . . . .
I have question: How come when I come on and go down to the end of the forums to see who else is on; it will say 6 or whatever members are on and then only name 3 or 4. Do some members come on anonymously? This is probably a stupid question; but I am so-o-o-o computer ignorant and I was just wondering.
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Don't feel bad, Kat. I wonder the same thing everyday!
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In your profile there's an 'Invisible' option, which is what's causing the discrepancy
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Well, I am still struggling with a name for my gray boy. I like Stoli, and I think Sergei is cool. I have also thought of Koshka (the phonetic spelling of the Russian word for "cat"), or Pushkin. Maybe Misha or Vanya. Arkady? I just don't know!

I hope you are feeling better airprincess & threeleggedcat. Hot pads always make me feel better.

Have a good sleep everyone!!
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