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he doesn't want to come, ehwn i call him

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Few weeks ago i wrote in teh other thread about sun burns in white cats.
here: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=87190

His ears are pretty much ok now. I pun sunscream nivea baby on him every day and if i can i put him inside between 11am and 5 pm.

But now I have another problem. He doeasn't want to come when i call him, he is hiding somewhere, waiting in tall grass for some mice. He doesn't come because he think i am really bad, beacuse i will put sunsrrem on his ears-he doesn't like this, he become mad and anxious.

I think that he thinks i am really awful, so he rather stay somewhere hiding...

I don't know what to do. I know where he is, not far from our house, but hiding.
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It will be worse if he thinks you are tense or angry, so my advice is to calm down, sit in the garden with a book and get something that he really likes - mine will come for cheese! Put it near you and then ignore him. Fortunately, right now the weather is so awful in the Balkan region that he can probably go a day or two without cream. I put Nivea on mine every day as they go out, and though they hate it they are so anxious to get out that they put up with it! He is a beautiful cat, so I hope you can protect his ears and nose.
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I see you have cat's with sensitive ears too. So you do what? When you put this sunscream on and do you do this just ones in a day or more often? It is good, if i put this cream on in the morning - if it works till evening? Are your cats out all day? does this nivea baby works for your cats?

I am really worried... my other cat is all day in front off house. he come immediately that you call him. but this one is ignoring you on purpose.

Now the ears are pretty ok, but now i have to put this sunsream on also above the ears - like bettween ears and eye. he got sun burns there also. Your cats?

Yes, the weather was good for his ears, but today is very sunny and it will be in the future day, i think.... i have never wished rainy weather so much than this summer
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Our cats have always (30 yrs worth) been in harnesses on long leashes that are clipped onto an iron stake in the ground - the hooks swivel so they don't get awfully tangled (only two to a stake) and there are no bushes or trees to get tangled in where I put them. I watch carefully (bkyd's safest) every 10 mins or so and am careful about sun and rain, but they at least get to be out, still catch bugs (AND even the rare dumb bird that dives by but that I generally get to rescue before it's too late). They don't get run over, or poisoned, or locked up by accident, don't annoy neighbors, etc. and don't run away. PM me for info. on what to get and how to introduce them to the harnesses.
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My cats are used to be free outside since they were little. They are both abondoned cats, kicked out from a car into the wood. We live in the village, just village road. My cats are both castrated since little, vaccinated for everything. They are just around the house. This white one goes also to the neighbours, but they are all cat and dog friendly. The problem is just, that the white one doesn't always come when i call him - he is hiding, because he think i will put sunscream on his ears.

I agree, it is much safer to have your cat under control, like going on walk like with dog - i tryed with halter, but no way...

i don't have any place here around house that i could cliped them into leashes. we have trees, bushes, decoratiojn everywhere. and also i think they would get crazy.
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I think Jenny had some good suggestions, I would go out in the yard and relax, maybe having a treat for the kitty- he will come eventually. Like you said, he doesn't want to come around cause he knows what you're going to do to him make the experience as pleasant as possible
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Staying calm is an excellent suggestion. When my cat ran away from me one day and would not listen, I started getting upset with him. Of course it didnt' help one bit and all he kept doing was running away. I took just a second to close my eyes and take a deep breath. Though I wans't really calm, I made it look like I was. I didn't have to chase him anymore after that. I'm guessing he thought it was a funny game though.
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You need to keep your kitty indoors. I understand that he doesn't like it very much, but he will get used to it.

I lost my first furbunny to squamous cell carcinoma (skin cancer). It's not a fun journey to have to take.

Read my previous posts:


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O my god...i am so sorry!

How old was this cat when he died? Did he have sunburns often or what? Did you use sunscreen?

I a am even more worried now. I have no options to have cat inside all day and all night. My paretnts would never accept this!

I put sunscerren on in the morning-nivea baby 30 and if i am at home all day, i put him inside between 11 and 5pm! How did you found out he has a cancer?
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Marshy was about 6 years old when he died... he was a stray we took off the street. He had only been with us, inside, for about 10 months before we had to put him down.

We found out he had cancer b/c the wound on his ear wouldn't heal (a telltale sign of cancer). We had his ear removed, and while he was under anesthesia, the vet cauderized two cuts on his nose in the hopes that they would heal and not open up. A few month after he had his ear removed, he began sneezing a lot, and my husband and I decided to have his nose tested for the cancer as well. That test came out positive. After many false hopes of us being able to save him, the cancer consumed his nose and spread into his lymph nodes. At that point, we had to let him sleep... it was only fair that he not have to suffer anymore.

Keep your baby inside as much as possible... keep the sunscreen on his ears. Take him to the vet for checkups, and beware of wounds that don't heal.

Good luck.
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Thank you for your explanation.. so your poor baby was out, homeless for about 5 years and you don't know what was happening with him before?

My Lucky is only 1 year old and last summer was his first summer, he had a little pink ears, but i really didn't even thougt on the sunburns...really i didn't know that cats can get sunburns. He was more in the shadow last yera, because he was young and so.

Here are photos from last year, from little, when he was just inside, than summer and than winter and this summer. You can see the diffrence-i noticed this this yerar when vet told me about his red ears...

when he came to our home

july or august last year

oktober last year

december 05

december 05

march this year

this may (he got this sunburns in the end of april)-here looks more bad, becaus the skin is going down

end of may 06

Now his ears are much better, he got his hair back. When he got the sunburns wasn't even hot outside (maybe he was direct on sun becouse of this) and i did't put sunscreen on yet. Till vet told me, i always pus sunscreen on, and if i can, i lock him inside beetweetn 11 and 5pm - if i am at home.

But i see, that now he is somewhere in the shadow more, because it is hot.

Last year was pretty much ok, but this year and in april...i don't understand...??
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