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Hello to everyone! I'm new to the alley and would like to ask a question, to see if anyone may have an answer. My cat, Boofuss, is about 2 years old. He's a domestic longhair - kind of looks like Morris or Garfield. In the last few days he seems to get sick alot. He doesn't want anything to eat, and has had a touch of diahrrea. Otherwise, he's fine! He runs around and plays. He doesn't go outside, has been neutered and declawed. Got any ideas? Any help at all would be appreciated. Thanks! Kylesgranny.
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Welcome! I am moving your post over to Health and Nutrition, where it should get a couple of more hits. Sounds like a trip to the vet is in order.
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Hi there:

1- If you are saying that he has not eaten anything in 2 days - he needs to see a Vet. If a cat does not eat for a few days it can attack the liver.

2- If he has only eaten a bite here and there he might just have an upset tummy. Try to give him access to petgrass. I am slo assuming his stool is back to normal. Just make sure that he drinks enough water. If this is the case just keep an eye on him. Once his behavior changes from the norm than it is time to see a vet.

Hope you furbaby feels better soon.
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Have you changed your brand of cat food? It's best to mix the old with the new until the kitty adjusts to the change. Even then, I sometimes see that mine has thrown up.
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