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Good MONDAY morning!!

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I had an okay weekend. I didn't feel so well so Dr. Lee (Lee is NOT a DR just thinks he is!! ) Diagnosed me with all sorts of things. Let's see I have an iron deficency (spelling), I have Mono, and prediabetes!! LOL I think he just gets paranoid that I am going to be sick. I have heard of being a hypochondriac but for other trajectory hypochondriacs is a new on on me!!
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Thanks Brandi... I was waiting for someone to start the daily thread!

My weekend was great! My parents took a bus trip to Philly w/my sis & neice. My dad is a Mason, you know that thing that Fred Flinstone belongs to where they wear those big hats & stuff! So they came to tour the Grand Lodge, and then spend a few hours in the city. I met up with them, since I live in the city. The lodge was beautiful, rich in architecture and history of our forefathers. Then we went to the new constitution center! If anyone had seen it before, it's a new building completely changed and very interactive for younger children. Then we went to see the Liberty Bell! It was amazing...seeing something that has been such a part of our history.

My only gripe is that security is so freakin heightened, it almost made it impossible to enjoy. You have to go through more to see the bell than the airport! We had to take the sleeping baby out of the stroller, and with 1 hand, close the stroller and shove it through the x-ray machine. Then they took my neices beloved "bunny" away and shoved that through the x-ray machine. Well she cried and cried.... I thought that was a bit much, how much could you hide in an umbrella stroller anyway?! We had to take off belts, bracelets, watches, sunglasses, cell phones, all change in your pockets. It was a bit much. But the bell was beautiful! And I got some great pics of Jazzy in front of it. She wants to take them to school, this is what they are studying the next year.

Happy Monday!!! Hope you all have a great day!!!
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Good morning

Thanks for starting the thread Brandi!, I hope you are feeling better really soon. I have a bit of a break inbetween students, so I decided to do a bit of at work posting

I didn't do too much this weekend, I studied, relaxed, and did lots of housework.

Tonight my mom and I are going to meet with my florist/decorator

Have a great Monday everybody!
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Good Morning!

Well, I'm back @ work after my 3 day weekend at home with my family. I had a great time, we were camping - but it was raining and only a high of about 60 all weekend, so it was cold - but thats okay, we got A LOT of quality family time in together!

Got my haircut and highlighted on Friday - it was nice to pamper myself a little bit!

Other than that, not much going on - Harley was happy to see me yesterday when I got home, which was always nice to be greeted with purrs and headbutts!

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

Tracy - have fun meeting with your decorator/florist, how exciting!
Brandi - Feel better soon!
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Good morning!

My cold is almost gone now. I can kind of breathe again.

So now I'll go spend the day at school and catch up on some work.
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Was at my german course today!
Came home had lunch
now im watching the football!
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I am still waking up today. We somehow ran out of coffee at my house this weekend. Hope everyone's day is wonderful and pet you furbabies for me.
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It's 8:30am, I'm lying in bed still with Genevieve who has to go back to the shelter today to get spayed, and her pregnancy "taken care of", so she's getting lots of loving and cuddles today. Poor baby.
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Good Monday morning everyone! I woke up to cold, dreary, rainy day! It has been raining all night....blah....we needed the rain, but now its just going to be a BIG muddy mess! Anyways-got me a hair appt today to get some highlights and also have to take Sherman to get his weekly shot. Hope everyone has a terrific day~and to all of you that are not feeling well, please get better soon!
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Well I was out of the house at 5:45 am as I had 8 yds of topsoil delivered at a jobsite. Got that all spread out by 9 am met with a couple of the people in charge of landscaping decisons about my next step then I was out of there!!
My arm/neck is stiff already!! Stopped at a greenhouse to get ideas for a couple designs I have to start on and now I am here. I have to wrok later today but its close by.
We attended a wedding on saturday that was a bit different. Both families are very religious but the brides family is well they aren't Amish or Menonite they just called themselves missonaries. They live simply but with technology which they don't overuse. No music or flowers the bride and bridesmaids made their own very plain dresses. There was some hymms sung and both the bride and the groom's fathers spoke (preached is too strong of a word) An unsual wedding ceremony and then closing prayers. The church was packed by the time we greeted the bride and groom (no others) it had been 2 hours. A luncheon followed at another church's cafeteria. Again reall simple lunch. It was interesting to have a different type of wedding to attend-I though there were some things done that should happen in most weddings we attend.
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Originally Posted by sarahp
It's 8:30am, I'm lying in bed still with Genevieve who has to go back to the shelter today to get spayed, and her pregnancy "taken care of", so she's getting lots of loving and cuddles today. Poor baby.
Oops, apparently at 8:30am I was supposed to be getting ready for my 9am dentist appointment, not lying in bed with the cat....
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Good Afternoon all!!

Sorry I didn't make it to post in the morning, I just had an appointment that lasted like 2 hours!!

I am super sore today, I went to a personal trainer yesterday as you can see from my SORE THREAD up there somewhere.

It is a nice day today here, and I get to go home early and make dinner!!

Nothin much else new with me...HAVE A GOOD DAY ALL YOU CRAZY KITTAH LOVERS!
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