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2 weeks & climbing

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Well they turned 2 weeks Sat and the kittens climbed out of the nest over the wood. I watched 3 of them brake out I thought it would be a few weeks before this happened... Also Runts started it all she was the first to pop out...
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I have a runt in my litter and she makes to most noise out of all of them lol
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Make sure your Runts get to the nipple.. If there is a lot of noise from her/him Help them find the nipple in case they are a little slower.. BTW congreads. I said Sunday
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Can't say I'm surprised. Named one kitten Hillery for the famous mountain climber because she climbed out of the nest at two weeks. At one week she was able to stand without tottering over!
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Hahahaha! Awww, my little runt, Zippy, ALWAYS stills the scene!
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lol my runt is a complainer, she will be sleeping with mom, if mom moves the runt wil let out a short meow as if to say "stop moving!" Also she will whine if her brother takes her nipple. She and her brother are the fattest little kittens I have ever seen! They are HUGE compare to when Angel and her sisters were kittens.
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oh yeah.... Habusaki was the runt of Kitty's litter and she always led all of the expaditions to sneak out of the nesting area. i blocked it with tubs and boxes and everything but they still escaped... even now they refuse to be put in a room and stay in there.
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My two are 2 weeks now, as well. They were on Friday. They climb out of the box, too. Its so cute to see. My runt ( cash ) is the screamer, even when she isnt hungry, hehe.

Stevie is really good at walking, but cash still teeters, although she is quite the climber.

So, momof3, I share your amusement. Do they playfight yet? Mine do, its hilarious. Little kitty wars, I have a vid... I will put it up soon!
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yes I love it they roll to there backs and look like fighting kangaroos lol
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hehe, I had never thought of it like that before, so true!!!
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Hi momof3rr....it's been awhile.kids out of school now, yeh! Our little babies have the same birthday so it's so fun hearing your stories and comparing...my babies are just starting to fight too and I was worried..guess thats normal!!
Hope your having as much fun as I am!! Keep in touch!!! FUN FUN FUN!
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yes I love it they roll to there backs and look like fighting kangaroos lol
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